Cybersecurity Tool Kit

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Check out our kit of sharable cybersecurity tips and tools below.

This cybersecurity tool kit is grouped into 4 sections:

1.) Designed to help you inform your employees, customers, and suppliers about the latest methods cyber attackers are using . Share our short educational videos and guides with everyone that interacts with your infrastructure and help them improve their cybersecurity awareness.

Educate About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Tips, Blogs, & Guides to share with your Employees, Customers, & Suppliers

Malicious hackers are refining the tricks (social engineering) used to propagate malware attempts. Your best defense is keeping your staff and partners informed and diligent. Feel free to share these informative resources with your staff and end-users.


GUIDE: Password Protocols

Poor security habits such as sharing or reusing passwords can put your organization at risk for breaches or compliance violations. Share this guide help improve your staff’s awareness of proper password protocol.

BLOG: Top Ten WFH Tips from our CIO

Share these 10 tips with your employees who are working remotely to help protect your information, your network, and your company assets.

GUIDE: Safer Social-Social Media Security Risks and Best Practices for Creating a Culture of Security

This guide identifies the tactics malicious actors use when exploiting social media for criminal purposes. We also provide best practices to protect your business that you can start using today.

2.) A clever human mind with strong motivation and determination can, and will, find a way to infiltrate your systems. Our tips and tools help you beat cyberattackers at their own game.

Test Your Defenses

A key component of any security program is ensuring that your organization has a clear understanding of where risk resides. Put your cyber defenses to the test before malicious actors beat you to it.

GUIDE: Penetration Testing, What You Need to Know Now

This guide addresses commonly asked questions and shares insight into the benefits of penetration testing/ethical hacking as a vehicle to better improve information security.

GUIDE: Penetration Pen Test Pitfalls to Avoid

As experienced pen testers we’ve seen common pitfalls that even experienced security teams fall victim to from time to time.

INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Signs it’s Time for a Penetration Test

If you are someone on your team needs help understanding when to pen test, this infographic can help.

3 Signs Pen Test infographic

3.) A proactive approach to cybersecurity helps businesses of all sizes preempt criminal intent and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks. Use our content to help shape your proactive cybersecurity approach.

Adopt Proactive Cybersecurity

A proactive approach to cybersecurity helps businesses of all sizes disrupt criminal behavior, preempt criminal intent, and mitigate risk of cyberattacks.

BLOG: The Top 3 Attack Vectors Ransomware Loves to Exploit

Cyber attackers choose to use ransomware because it can be very lucrative. Organizations are generally inclined to pay a ransom rather than risk interrupting the flow of business and losing consumer trust.

BLOG: 9 Vulnerability Management Pitfalls to Avoid

We’ve pulled together some of the common pitfalls organizations need to avoid when it comes to vulnerability management.

BLOG: 4 Strategies to Enhance Both your Security and Compliance Posture

Here are our top strategies for enhancing your security posture, reducing risk, and prioritizing assets and systems.

4.) Manage your security posture more efficiently with the right data for risk-based prioritization and effectively track and communicate the impact of your efforts across all levels of the organization.

Prioritize, Remediate, Report

Manage your security posture more efficiently with the right data for risk-based prioritization and effectively track and communicate the impact of your efforts across all levels of your organization.

BLOG: Shining a Light on Truly Critical Vulnerabilities

Threat intelligence helps your team take the leap from awareness of the vulnerability risk in your infrastructure to establishing and tracking an effective remediation strategy so you work smarter rather than constantly working harder.

BLOG: Making the Grade with Risk-Based Prioritization

Make sure that the most important assets, those most critical to your operations are prioritized for your team to focus on first.

BLOG: 3 Ways Peer Comparison Illustrates Cybersecurity Performance

Peer comparisons support the establishment of performance benchmarks for your organization against your industry peers.

REPORT: Financial Sector Cybersecurity: How do you compare to your peers?

We ran Frontline Insight reports on our bank, credit union, and financial services clients to gain insight into the threat and vulnerability preparedness across the financial sector.

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