The entire DDI team, from the security analysts, client advocate, and developers are top-notch.
DDI listens to their clients in order to understand their needs, and quickly replies with a solution.

Michael Krouse
Chief Security Officer

The DDI VLM-Pro solution has made a real difference for Austin Travis County Integral Care. The assistance provided by our DDI Personal Security Analyst ensures that our IT teams can focus on those vulnerabilities that present the biggest threat to our critical IT assets. Additionally, Security GPA makes it easy to report on the progress we continue to make in securing our networks and protecting our patient’s healthcare information.

David Evans
Chief Executive Officer

At EECU the protection of our member data is critical. We take our responsibility associated with information security very seriously and safeguarding our member data is of the highest priority. Although we aren’t required to be PCI Compliant, we use the guidelines set by the PCI Security Standards Council as a pathway to better security for our members. All of the information security solutions we source from DDI provide exceptional value by allowing us to focus on our core business objectives while assuring members that our information security program is beyond reproach.

John Bock
Chief Executive Officer

At GVTC the protection of our business network is paramount. As a member of the critical infrastructure community, we take our responsibility associated with information security very seriously and the ongoing prevention of a security breach is of the highest priority. DDI’s managed service offerings have provided exceptional value by allowing us to streamline our vulnerability remediation lifecycle, resulting in a higher level of focus on our core business objectives.

LeWayne Ballard
Engineer Systems Compliance

We are proud to have a great relationship with DDI,” stated Arthur Celestin, Cyber Patriot Coach. Their endless support has enabled the Southwest High School CyberPatriot teams to rise to a new level of excellence. In addition to providing professional training and support with weekly mentorships, DDI has made a generous equipment donation of ten laptops, their accompanying cases, and a LCD projector. Since the acquisition of DDI as a partner, our teams have been honored with the amazing experience of getting quality help from real industry professionals.

Arthur Celestin
Cyber Patriot Coach – Southwest High School

With the guidance and the availability of DDI’s Personal Security Analysts, we have been able to raise our overall security GPA dramatically!

Zachery J. Gyrlo

We have been using comprehensive PCI vulnerability scanning services provided by DDI for many years,” explained Lawrence (Larry) G. Foran, Senior Security Officer at Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP. “Their layered approach not only gives us PCI vulnerability scanning to satisfy PCI Compliance Requirements, but lays out a robust and comprehensive vulnerability scanning program, which we can perform on our own or have DDI personnel manage for us. It is a huge time saver and we have been extremely pleased with the deliverables year after year. It is a requirement for firms such as ours to have a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor execute our vulnerability scans and the fact that DDI has maintained that rating for five years is exceptional.

Lawrence (Larry) G. Foran
Senior Security Officer

We were committed to vulnerability scanning and security our network, and we invested time in evaluating in-house scanning tools and managed solutions. DDI’s scanning technology identified vulnerabilities in our network that were not seen by other scanning methods. DDI’s managed solution not only identified weaknesses but also helped us prioritize them so that we could more effectively manage risks.

Justin Hectus
Director of Information