Frontline Active Threat Sweep™ (ATS)

See Fast and Accurate Active Network Threat Scanning Firsthand 

Cybersecurity is never 100% infallible.  As strong as your current security portfolio is, malware can still find a way into your network.  Frontline ATS patented technology identifies cyber threats and protection gaps within your network, detects fileless and file-based malware, and blocks malicious activity from trusted and untrusted applications.  The sooner malware is found, the less dwell time it has to replicate and damage your sensitive data. 

With the Frontline Active Threat Sweep free trial, you’ll see how Frontline ATS enhances your existing defense measures by delivering: 

  • Comprehensive network coverage 
  • Lightweight and low maintenance agentless-technology 
  • Flexible deployment for on-prem or cloud applications 
  • Customizable role-based access control 
  • On-demand reporting with advanced filtering 


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Why Should I Choose Frontline ATS?

✓  Coverage – When it comes to threats, discovery time is of the essence.  Frontline ATS identifies cybersecurity protection deployment gaps, detects fileless and file-based malware, and reduces the dwell time for malicious programs. 

✓  Network Visibility – Network assets connect and disconnect creating a moving target for monitoring.  Frontline ATS network map can monitor single assets and clusters to pinpoint network risk segments and active vulnerability threats. 

✓  Easy, Fast, Transparent – A cybersecurity solution that’s cumbersome and slow can’t be effective against some fast-moving malicious programs.  Frontline ATS combines with Frontline.Cloud, utilizing an agentless technology that doesn’t require any additional hardware or software. 

✓  Cost Effective – The reality for security companies is doing more with less.  Frontline ATS has the lowest cost of ownership without sacrificing reliability and maintaining the highest level of accuracy. 

ATS Screen