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Comprehensive, Easy to use Web Application Scanning

Your cutting-edge web applications are prime targets for cyberattacks. Frontline Web Application Scanning (Frontline WAS™) makes it easy to conduct dynamic testing with accurate assessment results and technical recommendations for remediation.

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  • Reporting to help you prioritize managing your most critical vulnerabilities

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Quick, Comprehensive, Accurate

Many web application scanning technologies exist, but they are complicated to configure and provide almost inconsumable results. Frontline WAS provides insight into the security state of your organization’s web applications, a list of prioritized vulnerabilities, and technical recommendations to mitigate or remediate them.

Frontline WAS leverages the innovative and intuitive design of Digital Defense’s Frontline.Cloud platform. User friendly setup and actionable results give users the information they need quickly and concisely.

Easy Deployment

Easy deployment and configuration saves you time, money, and frustration often associated with other complex to manage solutions.

Multilevel Dashboards

High level dashboards at the scan level and a per web application easily exposes overall security postures at various levels.

“Blind Spot” Coverage

“Blind Spot” probes areas commonly missed by other web application assessment technologies and ensures visibility into vulnerabilities that could open the door to a breach.

Prioritized Vulnerabilities

Prioritization of the most critical vulnerabilities allows your organization to optimize its valuable resources through targeted remediation efforts.


Tracking and trending on new, recurred, and fixed vulnerabilities provides insight on the history and progress of your organization’s management of your web applications.

Robust Filtering and Reporting

Provides the data and views you need to instantly visualize vulnerabilities in your web applications, as well as on-demand report generation, including OWASP Top 10 reports.