Infographic: The Latest Ransomware Facts

What you need to know to protect your business.

This infographic breaks down the latest ransomware trends since the global pandemic changed how workforces access corporate networks. Bad actors also seek to exploit the critical services provided by government entities and the beneficial economies of scale provided by MSPs. The good news is, businesses like yours are not powerless against ransomware. We provide 8 steps to help your team implement protections and prevent successful attacks.

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By adding Fortra Vulnerability Management to your network security program, you establish a strong security foundation that can help identify vulnerabilities quickly so damaging, costly attacks can be prevented.

MSPs and the Fight Against Ransomware

Not unlike the rest of us,  cyber attackers want to work smarter, not harder. If they are able to successfully infiltrate one MSP’s network, they can potentially gain access to all of their clients’ systems as well.  The more systems attackers can reach, the more ransomware they can spread, thus increasing their pay out.  Read More.

Top 3 Attack Vectors Ransomware Loves to Exploit

Ransomware has matured in both sophistication and reach. Its popularity continues to increase, with ransomware attacks on businesses up 74% in 2019 according to Bitdefender. Ransom payments have also grown with the times, averaging more than $80,000 in Q4 2019.  With so much earning potential, it’s no wonder ransomware is often the malware of choice for malicious actors targeting organizations. Read more.

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