Social Media Dangers: What Every Social Butterfly Should Know

Friending, following, tweeting, Instagraming, checking in and linking up… In today’s ever-connected world, people all over the globe are utilizing social media.

Social media platforms offer many benefits but are opening doors to new attack vectors for hackers to gain access to personal and corporate data.

Digital Defense, Inc., a leading provider of managed information security risk assessment solutions shares insights in the free social networking guide, “Social Media Dangers – What Every ‘Social Butterfly’ Should Know.” This guide investigates the dangers of social media and provides a perspective on how individuals and companies can navigate social networks more safely.

The Guide Offers:

  • Today’s primary tactics used to exploit online social networks.
  • Real World Scenarios of Social Engineering via Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Best practices to mitigate risks social media platforms can introduce.
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