3 Ways Frontline Insight™ Peer Comparison Illustrates Cybersecurity Performance

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Cybersecurity is now a business requirement for most organizations. However, it’s often difficult to report on your security team’s performance to non-technical stakeholders and leadership. Senior leaders deal with conflicting priorities across the entire business. Therefore, it’s crucial to communicate the risks to your organization in a way that resonates.

Vulnerability management is one of the foundational cybersecurity practices companies should regularly perform because it is essential to the very core of operational maintenance and provides a picture of your security posture. This is why the Frontline.Cloud’s vulnerability management system has built-in, proprietary features that make it easier for IT teams to manage and measure your program performance and the mitigation of risk.

One of our most effective security features is Frontline Insight™ Peer Comparison, an on-demand report that gives you a visual comparison of your security program in contrast to organizations in your same industry as well as by company size. Using Frontline Security GPA®, Digital Defense’s proprietary security rating metric, you can determine how your security posture aligns with like organizations.  This information supports the establishment of performance benchmarks for your organization against your industry peers.

Frontline Insight helps inform 3 pain points that many IT teams struggle with as they manage and communicate on their performance:

  1. Limited security resources
  2. Reporting to leadership and non-technical stakeholders
  3. Communicating the value of cybersecurity

1. Limited Security Resources

The ongoing shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals frequently makes security expertise expensive and hard to obtain, so triaging and prioritizing vulnerabilities and threats is vital. Hundreds of new potential threats appear each day; your team should be laser-focused on what will make a measurable difference to your security posture. To do that, an organization must properly prioritize. Frontline Insight gives you at-a-glance summary comparison to see if your organization’s highest risk vulnerabilities mirror the threats experienced by your peers. You can also determine the efficiency of your team’s remediation efforts to demonstrate the effectiveness of your vulnerability management program.

2. Reporting To Leadership and Non-Technical Stakeholders

Reporting cybersecurity and vulnerability management to company leaders can be challenging because the reporting KPIs typically used go too deep. Benchmarking with Frontline Insight helps identify your security standard and shows stakeholders that you and your team are taking corrective actions and making changes to meet and exceed that standard. Frontline Insight provides an easy way to demonstrate the benchmarks across your industry and company size so you can report on your organization’s progress using the simplicity of the Security GPA metric that non-IT professionals can easily comprehend.

3. Communicating the Value of Cybersecurity

Because there are conflicting priorities among cost-conscious management teams, presenting comparisons against other organizations can spur action. Communicating with a simple and easy-to-understand Security GPA that grades your security posture against your industry peers or other businesses of the same size makes it easier to show improvements or limitations so that you can advocate for more resources to remain competitive.

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