Frontline Pen Test

Identify your cyber security weaknesses before they are exploited with Digital Defense’s Frontline Pen Test. Our proven and exhaustive security penetration testing process uses ethical hacking methods to pinpoint vulnerabilities quickly and cost effectively.

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Put Your Cybersecurity to the Test

Understanding and addressing network and host vulnerabilities is an essential element to strong information security, but that alone is insufficient. Network penetration testing—also commonly referred to as ethical hacking—goes beyond the actual discovery of vulnerabilities. It actively exploits vulnerabilities with real-world attack techniques to see if your IT assets, data, humans, and/or physical security can be compromised.

Regardless of the strength and sophistication of your defense strategy, a clever enough human mind with strong motivation and determination can (and will) find a way in. This is where the world of ethical hacking can be brought to bear on your behalf.

Frontline Pen Test mobilizes Digital Defense’s skilled and experienced team of testers against your network defenses to:

  • Determine the viability of select attack vectors
  • Identify high risk vulnerabilities hidden among a well sequenced attack against a
    set of lower-risk vulnerabilities
  • Identify vulnerabilities that are difficult or impossible to detect with vulnerability
  • Assess the business impact of successful attacks
  • Provide quantifiable support for increased investments in security personnel and
  • Improve compliance posture, e.g., PCI DSS—which requires both annual and
    ongoing penetration testing

Frontline Pen Test’s online reporting and remediation tracking resides within the Frontline.Cloud platform, offering a holistic view and one convenient portal for vulnerability assessment and penetration test findings.

Are you missing the mark when it comes to Penetration Testing?

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How to Get Frontline Pen Test

Frontline Pen Test is available as an on-demand service or via an annual subscription plan through Digital Defense’s convenient, hassle-free SaaS service subscriptions.

At Digital Defense, one size does not fit all. Whether you are a small business with limited resources or larger organization with a fully staffed security team, we offer flexible options and levels of penetration testing to meet your needs.

At Digital Defense, we will help you ensure your vulnerability management program is targeted, effective and achievable.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Digital Defense’s Frontline Web Application Penetration Test (Frontline WAPT™) service examines internally developed web applications, and those purchased from third parties, to ferret out and expose potential vulnerabilities. More than a simple software scan for web application vulnerabilities, Frontline WAPT utilizes a variety of sophisticated and automated software tools to detect issues such as:

  • SQL insertion
  • Improper character filtering
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Buffer overflows
  • and numerous others

Frontline WAPT is also available as a Subscription or Project service.

Digital Defense also offers Red Team Penetration Testing

Read the Frontline Red Team Penetration Testing Datasheet to learn more.

View the Datasheet

About Digital Defense

Our Frontline.Cloud SaaS platform supports Frontline Vulnerability Manager™Frontline Web Application Scanning™, and Frontline Active Threat Sweep™ that together provide:

  • Asset discovery and tracking
  • OS and web application risk assessment
  • Targeted malware threat assessment
  • Machine learning features that leverage threat intelligence
  • Agentless & agent-based scanning
  • Penetration testing for networks, mobile applications, and web applications
  • Compliance management. One of the world’s longest tenured PCI-Approved Scanning Vendors

The Frontline.Cloud platform virtually eliminates false-positives associated with legacy vulnerability management solutions, while also automating the tracking of dynamic and transient assets and prioritizing results based on business criticality. Learn more.


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