Vulnerability Management Solutions & Subscriptions

 At Digital Defense, our industry-leading vulnerability management and threat assessment solutions are designed to empower IT teams with the tools and services they need to proactively protect business-critical assets. Our goal is to help lift the tactical burdens that slow responses and drain resources, so you can secure sensitive data and intellectual property and prevent painful, costly breaches for you and your customers.

Vulnerability Management and Threat Assessment Solutions:

Vulnerability Management

Fortra Vulnerability Management (formerly Frontline VM) identifies, analyzes, prioritizes, and tracks vulnerabilities, providing actionable reports that enable teams to accelerate time-to-remediation and address the most important weaknesses first. >>

Web Application Scanning

WAS provides the highest level of dynamic web application testing and reporting through a system that is easily deployed and maintained. >>

Active Threat Scanning

ATS enhances your existing defense in-depth coverage by uncovering gaps in your present endpoint protection, active threats, and indicators of compromise. >>

Penetration Testing Services

With Pen Test services, our ethical hackers actively exploit vulnerabilities with real-world attack techniques to see if your IT assets, data, humans, and/or physical security can be compromised. >>

Security-as-a- Service Subscriptions

All of our subscriptions come with a dedicated client advocate devoted to delivering superior customer service and support.

ATS Advanced

Active Threat Sweep Advanced™ (Frontline ATS Advanced) complements your existing endpoint protection technologies, providing agentless, easy-to-deploy methods to quickly and reliably analyze assets or active threat activity and indications of compromise

Vulnerability Management Advanced

Vulnerability Management Advanced™ is a combination of  patented scanning technology and Fortra Vulnerability Management's easy-to-use GUI. The result is a solution that offers highly accurate scanning, analysis, tracking, and reporting.

Vulnerability Management Pro

Vulnerability Management Pro provides the same industry-leading solution as Vulnerability Management Advanced but adds a Personal Security Analyst (PSA) and is the ultimate outsource for any size organization. PSAs are an extension of your team that can run your cloud vulnerability scans, analyze the results, generate reports, and provide direct remediation planning guidance


Our Payment Card Industry-Professional (PCI-Pro™) service Guides businesses through the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements with a dedicated PCI expert.

Pen Test

Digital Defense’s Pen Test is a sequence of periodic (and scheduled) pen tests packaged into an annual automated penetration testing subscription.

WAS Advanced

Digital Defense’s industry-leading web application solution provides the flexibility to determine which web applications are the highest priority for scanning at any given time.

What are the benefits of threat assessment and vulnerability management solutions? We have the answers:

Find out what's on your computer

It all starts with having a scanner capable of quickly, comprehensively, and accurately assessing endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities.

Identify which assets are at risk

Once network assets have been scanned and analyzed, data is converted into actionable intelligence for faster remediation.

Measure your security posture

and monitor improvements

Fortra VM's Security GPA rating system provides a clear score of your organization’s security posture that is easily tracked as you make changes and shared with key stakeholders.

Easily integrate findings into

your security workflow

Connect API makes it easy to integrate discovered, analyzed, scored, and prioritized vulnerabilities into existing workflow platforms.

Assess vulnerabilities from an

attacker perspective

Assess your exposure with ethical hacking methods including penetration testing, social engineering, and red teaming.

Stay compliant with industry


Most compliance standards call for penetration testing and/or vulnerability management to satisfy risk analysis and management requirements.

What our customers are saying:

Overall Experience

"Digital Defense has been great so far with both vulnerability and penetration scanning and testing. The reports are very easy to decipher, scanning has been super smooth, and their support has been quick to respond and helpful with each step in the process.”

- Eric T


"FVM is a great tool to identify any weaknesses in our IT network infrastructure. It provides a detailed report of all vulnerabilities detected and ranks them based on risk level. It also provides an overall GPA for internal network security and external network security. Overall they provide excellent information to work with to close up any gaps!”

- Executive Sponsor in Consumer Goods

Customer Service

“We got a white-glove treatment from a representative from Digital Defense. They walked us through setting up both the internal and external security scans on our network. Once a quarter, we get a detailed report of every device internally. Not only will it list the vulnerability that needs to be remediated, but in most cases, it will give detailed instructions on how to remediate it. This little extra in the report saves a lot of time in researching when trying to remediate issues in a large network.”

- Consultant, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Peace Of Mind

"We have peace of mind knowing that our information is secure. I like the easy-to-understand Dashboard, and the Customer Service is top-notch when I have a question."

- User in Medical Practice

Executive Dashboards

“The Frontline at a Glance dashboard is very easy to read and gives a great network summary… Reports are detailed, yet easy to understand, even at the executive level."

- Administrator in Automotive Industry

Total Package

“If you are looking for a total service security and vulnerability management utility, Frontline is the one.”

- Charles S, System Administrator

Highly Recommend

"Highly Recommended. We got a white-glove treatment from a representative from Digital Defense.”

- Consultant in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

So Easy

“Easy to use and setup. Support is great ... they come up with new features based on customer feedback.”

- Administrator in Machinery Industry

Not sure where to begin?

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