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Organizational pressure to keep sensitive data and intellectual property secure is only increasing. Headline news associated with frequent and hard-hitting data breaches underscores the importance of staying on top of key security risks. And now – with CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CISOs and security teams being held personally accountable – the stakes are higher than ever.

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Peer Insight offers the industry’s first security analytics for vertical specific comparisons on demand.

Accessible through Fortra Vulnerability Management, a cloud-based SaaS security assessment platform, Insight offers enhanced comparisons not only from an industry perspective but also by organizational and employee size. Comparison metrics such as highest risk vulnerabilities and days to remediate vulnerabilities and threats can serve as important barometers in the establishment of performance benchmarks.

Peer comparison at your fingertips.

Insight empowers users with information they need to determine if their security practices align with peers in the industry. Then further reduce security risk by determining how best to evolve information security programs to perform in an optimal fashion through this powerful on-demand resource.

Timely, relevant, measureable data generated by you for you.

Insight reporting presents on demand comparative information of your organizations current security posture (as reported in Fortra VM Active View) by Security GPA® to other peers. Gain visibility into whether your organization’s top security risks parallel those for other organizations in your same vertical or company size.

Measure your remediation efficiency to peers.

Instantly see if your organization’s highest risk vulnerabilities mirrors the threats experienced by peers. Measure your remediation efficiency to others and determine the efficacy of your vulnerability management program.

See How Your Security Stacks Up In Your Industry

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