Customer needs often extend beyond standard subscription or product offerings. Digital Defense is ready to assist. Information Security is our sole business, and as a result, we are staffed, trained and experienced at security services with close adjacency to vulnerability management. Enterprise security needs including penetration testing, employee training, cybersecurity defense, enterprise risk assessment, and even physical security testing are all available for purchase.

Frontline Pen Test Project

Understanding and addressing network and host vulnerabilities is, of course, an essential element to strong information security. But, that alone is still insufficient. A penetration test goes beyond the actual discovery of vulnerabilities, and into the work of actively exploiting vulnerabilities with real-world attack techniques – to see if your IT assets, data, humans, and/or physical security can be compromised.

Frontline Social Test

With Frontline Social Test, Digital Defense can assess employee, contractor, and patron susceptibility to social trickery through premise- or remote-based mimicking of real-world tactics used by hackers.

Frontline Cyber Threat Management

Cyber criminals have obtained valuable assets and are profiting from illegal trade on the Dark Web, introducing significant exposure and damage to organizations across the globe. Frontline Cyber Threat Management solutions offer organizations expert threat intelligence to evaluate their level of risk in the ‘open, deep and dark web’.


TEAM is a comprehensive online learning management system that helps you address Security Training, Education, and Awareness Module (TEAM™) to reduce risk.

Consultative Services

Digital Defense helps organizations simplify the complex world of information security through innovative consultative services.

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