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Customer needs often extend beyond standard subscription or product offerings. Digital Defense is ready to assist. Information Security is our sole business, and as a result, we are staffed, trained and experienced at security services with close adjacency to vulnerability management. Enterprise security needs including penetration testing, employee training, cybersecurity defense, enterprise risk assessment, and even physical security testing are all available for purchase.

Service Offerings

Penetration Testing Services

Through various penetration testing methods, our team of experts simulates a real-world attack on your systems to exploit vulnerabilities and assesses your detection and response capabilities. The insights collected from these tests are then used to enhance your security measures to prevent future cyber threats.


Red Team Services

Red Team Penetration Testing Services assess whether your security measures can withstand a targeted attack through rigorous, proactive testing.


Social Engineering Services

Social engineering services dectect any human vulnerabilities in your network security through on-site or remote testing methods. Methods include phishing, vishing, attemts to gain physical access to premises, and more.


Fully Managed PCI Scanning

With Fully Managed PCI Scanning Services, our security analysts run multiple PCI scans, review the results, and provide the client with an understanding of how to remediate to ensure they pass the required quarterly PCI scan.


Consultative Services

Digital Defense helps organizations simplify the complex world of information security through innovative consultative services.


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