Founded in 1999, Digital Defense, Inc. is a premier provider of managed security risk assessment solutions, protecting billions in assets for small businesses to Fortune  companies in over 65 countries.

Our dedicated team of experts helps organizations establish an effective culture of security and embrace the best practices of information security. Through regular assessments, awareness education and rapid reaction to potential threats, our clients become better prepared to reduce risk and keep their information, intellectual property, and reputations secure.

Network and Environmental Security Assessments

Assessments are a cornerstone of an effective information security program.  DDI offers vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, web application testing, social engineering and additional security assessments. The combination of DDI’s certified Security Analysts, patent-pending scanning technology and proprietary cloud-based vulnerability system, Frontline Solutions Platform (FSP), delivers the most powerful assessment results and remediation management solutions possible.

Security Awareness Education

In today’s high-risk environment, security awareness training must break through information overload in the workplace. SecureED™, our latest high-impact training program, provides clients with a highly engaging, creative approach that facilitates security-minded behavior.

Decisive Security Intelligence

Our dedicated Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) utilizes Big Data analytics to further bolster security through the rapid identification of potential threats and prompt alerts to the DDI community. Acting on this intelligence, clients are ensured that appropriate measures are quickly employed to prevent security breaches. Automatic Zero-day Vulnerability detection is a key DDI core competency. Our patented NIRV scanning technology, coupled with our VRT expertise, has resulted in the discovery of a number of previously unknown vulnerabilities.