Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Your web applications may be cutting edge, but they’re also prime targets for cyberattacks. And because these apps frequently change, it’s difficult to be sure they remain secure against intruders. Web Application Scanning makes it easy to conduct dynamic testing with accurate assessment results, no matter how often your web apps change.

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Assess Your Web Application Security

What is Web Application Scanning and what does it do?

Web Application Scanning (WAS) goes deeper into your company’s web application security by using the highest level of dynamic application security testing. It delivers real security insight, listing your organization’s true top priority vulnerabilities and detailing known technical mitigation or remediation recommendations. Since web applications technology is constantly updated, these applications need strong security to ensure the data transmitted is safe.

WAS uncomplicates web application security scanning. Setup is intuitive and user-friendly and scan results are quick and concise, so any security team can deliver actionable results.

Experience the Benefits of Digital Defense's Web Application Scanning

Priority Results

A high-level dashboard easily displays overall security posture. Intuitive, at-a-glance results display the highest security priorities based on specific organizational aspects.

Robust Filtering and Reporting

Provides the data and views you need to instantly visualize vulnerabilities in your web applications, as well as on-demand report generation, including OWASP Top 10 reports.

Security GPA ®

Get a dynamic view on vulnerability trends with a simple security rating metric that can reflect even your smallest remediation efforts.

Web App Scanning that is Quick, Comprehensive, and Accurate

There are a variety of web application scanning technologies, but if they’re too complex to configure and can’t prioritize results, they may not be the best fit for your security team. WAS is quick and easy to deploy and delivers insight into an organization’s web application security state. Discover what sets Web Application Scanning apart.

"Blind Spot" Coverage

“Blind Spot” probes areas commonly missed by other web application assessment technologies and ensures visibility into vulnerabilities that could open the door to a breach. This helps cover any possible hidden security gaps and data breach entry points.

Actionable Results

Security teams need to be able to focus on the highest priority security threats. Optimize resources and time by using WAS technology accurately prioritizes true company vulnerabilities. Vulnerability reporting contains remediation suggestions and security progress grades.


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Access WAS Through a SaaS Platform

Use a cloud-based SaaS platform to utilize dynamic web application scanning technology and deliver a user-friendly setup with actionable results for unparalleled accuracy with minimal resource consumption. This creates a system that’s deployed, configured, and maintained easily.

Get the same intuitive, powerful features:

  • Multilevel dashboards for an easy overview of your security posture
  • Vulnerability prioritization to focus on specific organization critical ones
  • Security GPA® dynamic vulnerability trends to help measure any size of remediation
  • Simplified and intuitive result navigation
  • Detailed reports with customizable filtering for scan activities
  • OWASP Top 10 based detailed reporting
  • Automatically compare Fortra VM and WAS Assets Ratings automatically



Discover Why Customers Trust WAS for Their Web App Scanning Needs

"Full visibility across all our systems allows us to plan patches and maintenance in an orderly, systemic way. Automated scanning ensures we miss nothing."
- Thom G., Small Business Owner

"Fortra directs you to knowledgebase articles that outline the vulnerability and the fix allowing for less research and more patching/configuration of the core issue. I spend less time looking for answers so I can get back to my primary roles"
- Verified User, Law Practice

"Best interface that I have seen so far after working with several companies."
Verified User, Banking

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