Technology Partner Integrations

Fortra VM is the only vulnerability and threat management solution that is purpose-built to work with partner solutions. It integrates seamlessly with today’s small, mid-size, and enterprise hybrid-cloud environments to help thwart advanced cyberattacks and improve overall security operations.

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Digital Defense has dedicated resources and capabilities for integrating our patented solutions with security technology partners. Through Connect and our open APIs, partners can easily extend their existing security offerings to build or support integrations to and from the Fortra VM platform. These APIs can be used to:

  • Provide real-time vulnerability and threat data to better prioritize remediation
    within partner solutions
  • Consume critical policy, threat, and endpoint data to improve scanning and
    vulnerability patching for critical infrastructure

We work with a number of technology partners, including leading SIEM, endpoint, SOAR, incident response, GRC, and network security solutions.

Technology Partner Integrations

  • JSON
  • QuickConnect Integrated API key
  • Enhanced “Single-Pane of Glass” Workflows
  • Feeds the Operations Channel
  • Bolster Existing Ecosystem

Fortra Vulnerability Management and threat assessment platform identifies high-risk/critical assets with business context that are highly vulnerable to exploits, remain unpatched, are un-patchable or have already been infected in real-time. Integrated with Attivo Networks BOTsink, administrators can make intelligent, potentially automated, decisions on where to dynamically deploy deception technology to protect the network and resources from a potential compromise or attack, even as conditions or the infrastructure itself changes.

Solution Brief 

“Attivo has an extensive deception fabric for accurately detecting and derailing threats and the partnership with Digital Defense further ups the game against attackers,” said Tushar Kothari, CEO of Attivo Networks. “The ability to automatically deploy Attivo deception based on shared vulnerability insights provides a unique and innovative way to reduce risk while increasing the difficulty of an attack. It is a powerful example of how organizations can proactively strengthen their security posture while also building out an Active Defense.”

Digital Defense, Inc. and Attivo Networks Introduce the Industry’s First Integrated Risk and Deception-based Platform

Core Security

Core Impact is designed by Core Security helps security teams conduct advanced penetration testing with ease by using guided automation and certified exploits.  Core Impact is powerful penetration testing software so you can safely test your environment using the same techniques as today's cyber criminals.

Core Impact replicates security attacks to your network infrastructure, endpoints, web, and applications to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities, giving you the upper hand to immediately remediate risks.


Brinqa Risk Platform delivers a complete set of capabilities and features to represent, integrate, and correlate unlimited sources of security data for secure and rapid analysis. The platform provides management and automation support throughout the cyber risk identification, mitigation, validation, and communication processes.


Fortra VM's integration with Cherwell’s ITSM (IT Service Management) automates tasks helping service desk teams meet the ever-growing list of demands including dashboards, reports, forms, and workflow automations enabling end-user self-sufficiency, faster and more effective ticket handling, plus greater visibility and accountability.

“For the most effective and efficient IT service desks, interoperability is key,” said Michael Euperio, director, technology alliances at Cherwell. “With Cherwell’s ITSM solution acting as the hub for managing all IT tickets, including security vulnerabilities and threats, the integration with Fortra is important progress for our common customers.”

The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) allows for the creation, management and enforcement of network access policies for the various devices connected to an organization’s network based on advanced profiling of users and devices. ISE is able to leverage important security context through Cisco’s Platform Exchange Grid, (pxGrid), which consumes information from Fortra VM to be incorporated into Cisco ISE, allowing for an improved security context in which to create and modify policies and automate access control based on vulnerability and threat risk.


The Forescout® platform is a unified security platform that enables enterprises and government agencies to gain complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise environments and orchestrates actions to reduce cyber and operational risk. Fortra VM and Forescout integration helps reduce risk by continuously monitoring both managed and non-managed devices for vulnerabilities without a heavy burden on your network and systems. The integration also enables automated policy-driven actions to proactively combat threats detected and remediate compromised devices.

Solution Brief | Press Release

“We are pleased to partner with Digital Defense and offer our joint customers a leading integrated security solution that reduces risk and helps to keep threats out,” said Amy De Salvatore, VP, global strategic alliances, Forescout Technologies. “Together, we are delivering highly accurate network assessments and intelligent automation of workflow processes and policies.”

IBM QRadar
IBM QRadar users can activate the Fortra VM vulnerability feeds into the QRadar platform to gain improved visibility into security events. This is done by correlating vulnerability and threats through evaluating data accuracy, gaining greater visibility into the risk posture of hosts, to make better, more informed decisions and take appropriate security actions.

Learn how our latest Technology integrations with McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® and Data Exchange Layer (DXL) can rapidly enhance your pre-existing network security.

McAfee ePO™ Solution Brief | Data Exchange Layer (DXL) Solution Brief

“By implementing products that are compatible with McAfee security solutions, our common customers experience faster deployment times and reduced costs,” said D.J. Long, vice president, strategic business development at McAfee. “Security should be easy to manage, so McAfee has taken the steps needed to open up its security risk management architecture and provide customers with the tools to easily manage their multi-vendor security environments. The result is greater protection, reduced risk and increased compliance.”


Active Threat Sweep, integrated with Microsoft Defender ATP puts the power of on-demand agent-less threat detection at your fingertips. Proactively analyze assets for indications of a malware infection before other agent-based security tools can be deployed and thwart attacks that take advantage of dwell time to evade endpoint monitoring. Identify out-of-date or disabled endpoint protections to quickly flag at-risk devices and prioritize investigation and remediation. The combined solution increases Microsoft Defender ATP’s already proven security coverage and efficacy beyond current endpoint detection and response solutions.

Solution Brief | Integration Overview

Palo Alto


Cortex XSOAR

With Fortra VM and Cortex XSOAR, Palo Alto Networks customers can now leverage on-demand vulnerability and active threat information to identify, prioritize and quarantine highly vulnerable or infected assets to allow security teams to remediate and patch systems before an infection can spread to other parts of the network.

Palo Alto Networks  | Integration Overview


Cortex XDR

With Fortra VM on Cortex XDR, Palo Alto Networks customers can now leverage active threat information, identified by Palo Alto Networks devices, to pro-actively prioritize remediation and patching efforts for systems already under attack.

“Cortex partners can leverage the vast amount of rich data available from across the enterprise to create AI-based innovations that provide more automated and accurate security outcomes to our joint customers,” said Karan Gupta, SVP of Engineering for Cortex at Palo Alto Networks. “We’re proud to welcome Fortra to our expanding ecosystem of developers building innovative apps.”
RSA Archer

RSA Archer is the leading enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution. Organizations benefit from Digital Defense’s patented scan-to- scan host correlation combined with the RSA Archer IT Security Vulnerabilities Program use case. The scan-to-scan host correlation ensures RSA Archer receives highly accurate and up-to-date information about hosts that have been scanned, allowing the user to make better, more informed decisions when coupled with information presented within RSA Archer.


Through use of our certified integration app (FVM Sync) ServiceNow users can be automatically alerted to new security vulnerabilities on their network and use a single-pane-of glass workflow to manage, assign, and remediate them from the ServiceNow platform. With advanced network scoping, automatic labeling and automated fix verification, it’s easy to build a security program that is effective, efficient, and bridges the security/operations gap without shuffling mountains of spreadsheet data and emailed reports between teams.

Want your solution to seamlessly integrate with the industry’s best vulnerability and threat management platform? Join us.


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