Stop Dancing Around Dirty Data Issues

⊕ Are you an information security expert in charge of a vulnerability management program?

⊕ Are there times when you have been confused by the information portrayed by your Vulnerability Management System?

⊕ Does your tool report more network endpoint devices than what you know you really have?

⊕ Have you been frustrated to see reports indicating vulnerabilities as having been fixed and yet you find many of the same vulnerabilities still present on devices?

⊕ Do you wonder how you can effectively ensure the security of your organization’s sensitive data when the tools that you are using are generating dirty data that is not consistent or accurate?

⊕ Do these dirty data challenges have you on your toes performing a dance in your boardroom while explaining to board members the findings as reported by your Vulnerability Management System that may not be accurate?

Most Vulnerability Management (VM) solutions available on the market, even those by the largest vendors, either waste valuable time reporting false positive results, or miss indicators of an imminent attack. This is because most of the VM solutions on the market today don’t consider changes to network resources over time and cannot provide a thorough data quality assessment. They mismatch assets with poor data accuracy, causing invalid results that could be devastating.




VM solutions discover and assess endpoints in a recurring fashion and must associate multiple results for each endpoint. This process is called “host tracking’ or more specifically, “scan-to-scan endpoint correlation.” The accuracy of this process is critical in reducing host duplication and host mismatches and ensuring a clear and complete data quality assessment of the security posture of your network. Many vendors fail to ensure accuracy in this vital correlation, leading to time, money, and effort being wasted, in addition to their network being left open to potentially devastating vulnerabilities.

How much drift does your network have? What are the odds your current vulnerability management program is duplicating and mismatching endpoints?

Stop dancing around dirty data issues and know where you stand.

How Dirty is Your Data?

Calculate your risk.


Network Host Reconciliation White Paper

Millions of dollars are being spent on technology that does not have the capability to accurately reconcile vulnerability scanning results from scan to scan, opening the door to crippling breaches.

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