The Experience Benefits of ServiceNow® and Frontline VM Sync 2.1

Service Now Certified

Many organizations depend on the accuracy of their asset manager and ticketing systems to properly supervise their IT operations and vulnerability remediation programs. Data and documentation frequently become outdated as the tools utilized are not updated or the personnel in charge of maintenance lack the time and resource to do so. Frontline Vulnerability Manager™ infuses the ServiceNow® platform with an automated security management workflow that goes beyond simple import/export mechanics found in other platforms.

With Frontline VM Sync 2.1, a certified integration with ServiceNow, ServiceNow users can be automatically alerted to new security vulnerabilities on their network; utilizing inline workflows to alert, assign, manage and verify remediation all from their ServiceNow platform. Build an effective and efficient security program leveraging the power ServiceNow and the expertise of a next generation security assessment system.  Download ServiceNow flyer.

Innovative Application Integration

Built from the ground up to as one of the industry’s most progressive security management platforms, Frontline VM supports automated ServiceNow workflow integrations via Frontline VM Sync 2.1.

The seamless cloud-to-cloud deployment closes the vulnerability security loop from identification to remediation with end-to-end integration of vulnerability management and ticketing. Advanced network scoping, configurable labeling and automated fix verification and patented scanning technology empower and streamline your IT security management program.

Integration Benefits

  • Seamless management of host and vulnerability findings
  • Fully automated ticket workflow
  • Customized ticket creation filters and rules
  • Configurable ticket close and verification
  • Comprehensive description and solutions for vulnerability remediation
  • ServiceNow ticket status reporting
  • Simple to configure and deploy

Leverage superior host identification and discovery technology for your ServiceNow CMDB