Palo Alto Cortex Integration with Frontline.Cloud


Digital Defense’s Frontline.Cloud vulnerability management and threat assessment platform identifies high-risk/critical assets with business context that are highly vulnerable to exploits, remain unpatched, are un-patchable or have already been infected in real-time. Utilizing rich data from Palo Alto Network's Cortex Data Lake, administrators can prioritize patching and remediation of critical assets based on real-time knowledge of actual active threats.


Combine Vulnerability Risk with Threat Data

Digital Defense’s Frontline.Cloud digitally fingerprints the hosts as contiguous entities, reconciles asset changes from scan to scan utilizing patented correlation algorithms (helping to minimize duplicates or unknown devices), prioritizes vulnerabilities, and automates workflow across the hybrid network to make better risk management decisions, quickly. Frontline.Cloud then consumes detected threat information from Cortex Data Lake to understand and convey which assets are at immediate risk.


Optimize Patching and Remediation of Critical Assets

Palo Alto Network's Cortex Data Lake contains threat data collected from endpoints, network firewalls and the cloud put through advanced machine-learning based AI to automate the detection of active threats. However, for security operations teams to take action, such as where to quarantine endpoints or determine changes to next generation firewall policies, they need to understand the most vulnerable mission-critical assets. Frontline.Cloud provides the only on-demand real-time risk and threat assessment platform in the market today.

As we add threat intelligence from Cortex Data Lake, we can determine the most business critical at-risk assets. As security teams are in a race to prevent a breach once a compromise or attack is detected, Frontline.Cloud provides the needed asset, OS and web application vulnerability and host threat data and context to accelerate their efforts.


Digital Defense’s app is now available worldwide to customers on the Cortex hub.

“Cortex partners can leverage the vast amount of rich data available from across the enterprise to create AI-based innovations that provide more automated and accurate security outcomes to our joint customers.

We’re proud to welcome Digital Defense to our expanding ecosystem of developers building innovative apps.” 

Karan Gupta

SVP of Engineering, Cortex at Palo Alto Networks

About Digital Defense

Our Frontline.Cloud SaaS platform supports Frontline Vulnerability Manager™, Frontline Web Application Scanning™, and Frontline Active Threat Sweep™ that together provide:

  • Asset discovery and tracking
  • OS and web application risk assessment
  • Targeted malware threat assessment
  • Machine learning features that leverage threat intelligence
  • Agentless & agent-based scanning
  • Penetration testing for networks, mobile applications, and web applications
  • Compliance management. One of the world’s longest tenured PCI-Approved Scanning Vendors

The Frontline.Cloud platform virtually eliminates false-positives associated with legacy vulnerability management solutions, while also automating the tracking of dynamic and transient assets and prioritizing results based on business criticality.