Frontline Active Threat Sweep™ – Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Integration

The combined solution increases Microsoft Defender for Endpoint's proven security coverage and efficacy beyond current endpoint detection and response solutions.

Comprehensive Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Malware has evolved to evade detection. Attackers take advantage of infrastructure blind spots, un-patched devices, and alert fatigue making it difficult for security teams to identify attack campaigns and prioritize investigations and remediation efforts.

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Digital Defense’s Frontline Active Threat Sweep (Frontline ATS™) integrated with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint puts the power of on-demand agentless threat detection at your fingertips. Proactively analyze assets for indications of a malware infection before other agent-based security tools can be deployed and thwart attacks that take advantage of dwell time to evade endpoint monitoring.

Microsoft Defender Solution

Solution Benefits

  • Better visibility and early detection of both passive and active threats
  • Enhanced threat detection by combining targeted active threat scanning with AI-based behavioral anomaly detection, malware signature and file analysis
  • Ability to root out small passive attack artifacts that are extremely difficult to find and planted by attackers for infecting or even re-infecting assets
  • Immediately clean up infections before patching efforts can be implemented
  • Identify out-of-date or disabled endpoint protections to quickly flag at risk devices and prioritize investigation and remediation
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