Supports Local High School Participation In Cyber Patriot Event

By Fortra's Digital Defense

San Antonio, TX – September 14, 2011 - Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI), a San Antonio-based company and national leader in Information Security, will host students from approximately 20 local high schools on Saturday, September 17th as they prepare to compete in the national Cyber Patriot IV competition. The Alamo Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Information Technology committee are coordinating the mentoring of these students as they train for the first round of the event scheduled to take place in October and November.

Cyber Patriot is the premiere national high school cyber defense competition created to inspire high school students toward careers in cyber security or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future.

Chip Meadows, DDI Senior Security Analyst, will share knowledge with students on communications, networking, and routing.

The following topics will be reviewed with students prior to the competition:

  • Fundamental concepts of Information Assurance and threats to cyber security
  • Interdependency of physical and cyber security, the impact policies and procedures can have on cyber security, and the use of awareness training to strengthen cyber security programs
  • Co-existence of data and voice traffic on networks, shared infrastructures, components of a typical network, and countermeasures for network-based threats
  • Overview of major Operating System functions, threats to Operating Systems, major steps to securing Operating Systems, and identifying vulnerabilities on an active system
  • Threats associated with applications and personal information along with basic techniques for securing personal information on computer systems


Alamo ISSA’s mission is to enhance the education and expand the knowledge and skills of its members in the interrelated fields of information systems and data processing; to encourage a free exchange of information security techniques, approaches, and problem solving; and to communicate to management and systems and information processing professionals the importance of establishing the controls necessary to ensure the security of information processing resources.

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