Fortra Acquires Outflank

By Fortra's Digital Defense

 Outflank’s trusted experts run sophisticated attack scenarios supported by a unique SaaS offering that help global businesses pinpoint and address dangerous IT vulnerabilities, further empowering customers to thwart cyberattacks with advanced adversary simulation services, offensive security tooling, and training services. 

MINNEAPOLIS (September 1, 2022)—Fortra announced today the acquisition of Outflank, a well-regarded IT security leader with deep expertise in adversary simulation; specialist cyber security trainings; and a unique cloud-based software offering for red teams, Outflank Security Tooling (OST). Based in Amsterdam, the team of experts works with prominent financial institutions, multinational firms and other parties that require the highest level of security by employing ethical hacking methods that closely mimic those of real cyber criminals. The business joins the Fortra Offensive Security portfolio of vulnerability management, penetration testing, and red teaming/adversary simulation solutions to help customers evaluate and prevent risk from many angles. 

Many organizations seek advanced security assessments in the form of red teaming operations, yet few have the internal resources to carry out this critical task effectively. Some red teamers develop their own tools or look to niche, open-source options to undertake engagements. Outflank provides consulting, trainings, and a SaaS-based software toolkit that allows stringently vetted organizations to evaluate their defenses in light of today’s high-stakes security environment. In fact, the company developed its flagship Outflank Security Tooling solution to work in tandem with Fortra’ Cobalt Strike for a robust approach to adversary simulation. 

“This is an incredibly fast-moving and exciting space, and we’re thrilled to welcome the Outflank experts to the Fortra family,” said Kate Bolseth, CEO, Fortra. “Offensive security tactics like adversary simulation are an essential part of a well-rounded cybersecurity strategy, particularly for organizations operating in complex, sensitive IT environments. Our customers can rest assured that we’re able to support them with an unparalleled combination of targeted software and expert-led services.” 

“Our team is passionate about offensive security and proud of our critical role as a red teaming leader in the cybersecurity industry,” said the Outflank team. “We excel at supporting, challenging, and training security teams to identify and correct gaps in their defenses through advanced adversary simulations. With our SaaS solution for red teams, we offer an extremely powerful toolset to our customers so they can execute sophisticated attack scenarios themselves. As part of Fortra, we can expand our market reach and support more security teams, while continuing to apply stringent controls over the access to our powerful toolset and staying mindful of how our solution is used.” 


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About Outflank

Outflank is a highly specialized IT security company. All team members are seasoned professionals with many years’ experience in security testing and red teaming. The team has performed hundreds of security tests and red teaming engagements and trained nearly 1,000 IT and security professionals.  Their strong offensive experience is complemented with deep expertise in IT security defense. Outflank’s OST product is the market’s first solution offering a full spectrum toolset that supports other red teams in their critical jobs of testing security and organization’s resilience to advanced adversary simulations. The team recognizes the vital role of the infosec community and supports this by regularly sharing highly technical research from their specialists, but also advancing the development of the red team framework TIBER.  


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