Digital Defense Identifies KnowledgeTree™ Login Page Vulnerability

By Fortra's Digital Defense

San Antonio, TX – December 15, 2011 – Digital Defense, Inc., a leading provider of managed cloud-based security assessments, announced the organization’s discovery of a vulnerability within the KnowledgeTree login page which could allow an attacker to exploit this flaw to extract sensitive information. This security issue was revealed using NIRV (Network Interrogator Reconnaissance Vehicle), Digital Defense’s proprietary vulnerability scanning technology. Digital Defense immediately notified KnowledgeTree who issued an alert, including a patch to remediate the issue.

This discovery follows the recent identification of a vulnerability within the IBM WebSphere Administrative Console by Digital Defense’s Vulnerability Research Team (VRT). Digital Defense is breaking ground through the union of its cloud-based services and NIRV, which together offer the ability to reveal previously unknown vulnerabilities in a Zero Day timeline.

“Our clients continue to benefit from the Digital Defense cloud-based security platform”, stated Larry Hurtado, president and CEO. “Our enhanced analytic capabilities provide a collective intelligence across a broad range of clients, leading to the increased discovery of these Zero Day vulnerabilities, and a heightened level of security awareness within the Digital Defense client community.”

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