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Each day, organizations are at risk of high level cyber threats despite their current investments in information security. All modern businesses have an online digital exposure. Cyber criminals have obtained valuable assets and are profiting from illegal trade on the Dark Web, introducing significant exposure and damage to organizations across the globe.

What Information is on the Dark Web?

The indicators or threats are in the ocean of sites across the ‘open, deep and dark web’, in social channels, messaging platforms, news, blogs, forums, sharing sites, markets and myriad aggregation sources. The information flowing on these sources is constantly changing. Traditional search technology cannot reach this universe. Traditional threat intelligence can expose trends, threat actors and campaigns in general, but they aren’t designed to detect direct threats specific to a client.

What’s Your Risk?

Knowledge is Power. The answers to key questions can determine your level of risk and arm you with critical information to defend against threats.

  • Am I being targeted, by whom, when and how?
  • Who is running fraud and phishing campaigns against me?
  • Are my online communications being manipulated or compromised?
  • How can I get ahead of attacks and breaches?
  • Are my insiders exposing me?
  • Are my executives vulnerable or exposing me?
  • Are my partners putting me at risk?
  • Is my data already exposed?

Threat Management Is Crucial - How do I do it?

Digital Defense, Inc. takes this risk head-on through our product line offering, Frontline Cyber Threat Management™ (Frontline CTM™), a trio of assessment and monitoring services that deliver expert threat intelligence to organizations seeking to evaluate their level of risk from cyber threats.

Frontline Cyber Threat Risk Report Card™

The Frontline Cyber Threat Risk Report Card™ is a valuable service that offers organizations visibility of their:

  • Employee information
  • Intellectual property
  • Stolen data
  • Credentials
  • Customer lists

Digital Defense performs advanced, real-time data collection from the surface, deep and dark webs on behalf of our clients. The Frontline Cyber Threat Risk Report Card provides an at-a-glance summary of high level external threats and risks to an organization’s brand, technology infrastructure, data and employees.

We look at some critical points of exposure:

  • Business Uptime – what is your overall risk of being targeted by hackers
  • Access Risk – breaches of accounts or sensitive data
  • Communication Risk – reputation of server and email practices
  • Business Continuity Risk – hosted unidentified websites on your servers
  • Theft & Fraud – website imitation vulnerability
  • Publicly Exposed Servers – servers that may be easily accessed for hackers


See the Frontline Cyber Threat Risk Report Card™ Datasheet

How Can I Assess These Threats?

Frontline Cyber Threat Assessment™

The Frontline Cyber Threat Assessment™ provides comprehensive insight into your organization’s risk exposure. The engagement will identify specific areas of concern, sensitive markers and key personnel to create your assessment profile.

The ability to search for compromising activity against your brand, assets, employees and partners is essential to help you create a remediation action plan to address risks.

What do you get in a Cyber Threat Assessment?

Digital Defense Intelligence Analysts work with your team to identify specific areas of concern, sensitive markers and key personnel to create you assessment profile. Your assigned analyst will review historical information from multiple sources (Social Media, Dark Nets, Paste Sites, Forums, etc.) to create a customized, risk prioritization, contextualized intelligence assessment report inclusive of:

  • Prioritization of threats
  • Exposure
  • Brand
  • Assets
  • Actual data that was discovered
  • Adversarial behavior against your organization
  • Specifics around dates and activity observed
  • Email accounts
  • Credentials and passwords
  • Executive and key personnel exposure

How Can I Monitor These Threats?

Digital Defense’s Frontline Cyber Threat Monitoring™ constantly looks for activities, campaigns, chatter and other behaviors of advisories as they are preparing a breach or conducting activities with the data that they have already retrieved. As soon as we discover information regarding your organization that is being discussed or transacted, or other pertinent information that is detected, you will receive an immediate notification from one of our Client Advocates describing the incident. Our service ensures you receive a review of the intelligence gathered from the assessment and recommendations to remediation activities that address the identified threats.

Frontline Cyber Threat Monitoring provides:

  • Constant vigilance 24 hours, 7 days a week in the surface, deep and dark web, blogs, posts, etc.
  • Monitoring of all activity based on criteria that you have provided within our Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ).
  • Examination into areas of concern, sensitive markers and key personnel to provide you details around breaches and activities against your organization.
  • Intelligence advisories that are published through our Cyber Threat Management secure portal.

Superior Support and Service

Cybersecurity professionals are faced with ongoing challenges. We at Digital Defense want to help lift the burden associated with managing an information security program. All Digital Defense solutions are complimented with the highest level of service and support.

See the Frontline Cyber Threat Monitoring™ Datasheet

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