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Continuous monitoring of external threats and risks

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Identify and Mitigate Threats Before You Become a Statistic

Everyday organizations are breached and data is slowly exfiltrated out of their networks with no one the wiser. Today, cyber criminals are methodically, and in a coordinated fashion, attacking multiple vectors to get to your assets. With ever changing methodologies and techniques, it’s hard to keep up.

Solution Overview

Digital Defense’s Frontline Cyber Threat Monitoring (Frontline CTM™) is a unique service that provides continuous monitoring of external threats and risks to an organization’s brand, technology infrastructure, data and employees, as detected across the surface, deep and dark web.

Data Collected and Reported

Frontline CTM constantly looks for activities, campaigns, chatter and other behaviors of adversaries as they are preparing an attack or conducting activities with the data that they have already retrieved. With Frontline CTM, once suspicious activity is detected, an immediate notification is issued, inclusive of all discovery details, as well as recommendations for response or remediation.

Monitoring Your Threat Exposure

Frontline CTM™ is a unique service offered by Digital Defense that offers:

• Identification and prioritization of threats Constant vigilance 7x24 in the surface, deep and dark web, blogs, posts, and other sources.

• Monitoring of all activity based on criteria that you have provided within our Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ). This information will help Digital Defense build a research portfolio looking for things that are important to you. The more we understand about your environment, the better the information and alerts we can gather.

• Examination into areas of concern, sensitive markers and key personnel to provide you details around breaches and activities against your
organization. The monitoring gathers information from multiple sources to create a customized, contextualized risk prioritization intelligence alert.

• Intelligence advisories that are published through our Cyber Threat Management secure portal. Digital Defense Analysts provide prompt
notification upon any activity that threatens the security of your organization.

Additional Frontline Cyber Threat Management offerings include:

Frontline Cyber Threat Risk Report Card

At-a-Glance summary of high level external threats and risks to your brand, technology infrastructure, data and employees, as detected across the surface, deep and dark web.

See The Cyber Threat Risk Report Card

Frontline Cyber Threat Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation that provides organizations visibility of their Stolen Data, Credentials, Customer Lists, Employee Information and Intellectual Property that may reside on the dark web.

See The Cyber Threat Assessment

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