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Next Generation External Threat Alerts

Every day organizations are under attack. Many of them breached and unaware that their data has been compromised. According to industry reports, the average time to detect a breach is 256 days.  During this time, adversarial individuals are in your network slowly extracting data
and using it to further breach your organization, employees or customers.

Data Collected and Reported

During Digital Defense’s research, we look at some critical points of exposure:

  • Business Uptime - what is your overall risk of being targeted by hackers
  • Access Risk - breaches of accounts or sensitive data
  • Communication Risk - reputation of server and email practices
  • Business Continuity Risk - hosted unidentified websites on your servers
  • Theft & Fraud - website imitation vulnerability
  • Publicly Exposed Servers - servers that may be easily accessed for hackers to steal information from

Evidence of Attacks

Technology Attack Surface

• Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)
• Public IP Space
• SSL Certificates
• Domain Names

Threat Vectors

• Adversary Groups
• Adversarial Online Sources for Monitoring
• Malicious Chatter

IP & Digital Assets

• Credentials
• Source Code
• Customers Lists
• Private Employee Information

Cyber Threat Risk Columns

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