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The truth about network vulnerabilities

Whether your company has three computers or three hundred thousand, there is a universal truth that affects your organization – new vulnerabilities are discovered every day and you need to find and mitigate them in order to protect your data.

Digital Defense, Inc. understands these challenges, along with the fact that most vulnerability scanning solutions simply do not provide the information, and value, that today’s security professionals expect and demand.

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Our proprietary SaaS vulnerability management platform powers our cloud-based vulnerability scanning and web application scanning systems, delivering highly efficient scanners for accurate results to optimize resources associated with managing information security assessments.

What is vulnerability scanning?

Vulnerability Scanning is a cornerstone element of any information security program. Scanning protects your information assets by evaluating the security posture of the IP network devices connected to your computing networks across the globe on an individual IP or enterprise-wide basis.

More about vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning software is used to assist IT security administration with tasks including:

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities: Administrators can identify security holes in their network devices across servers, firewalls, and workstations. The automated software can catch as many security holes as possible. 
  • Evaluate Risks: A scanning tool can classify vulnerabilities to help administrators prioritize threats.
  • Address Issues: The right vulnerability scanner can help address any prioritized risks through automation.
  • Report Security Gaps: It is important for administrators to show compliance with regulation. A vulnerability scanner can facilitate report creation for a network’s security status.
  • Manage Configuration: Misconfigurations and missing patches are major weak points for an attack. Admins fix these missing patches when available, but can often be missed. Scanning for missing patches can ensure consistency across platforms. 

There are two key distinctions in the different types of vulnerability scans: location and scope.

  • External vs Internal: An internal network security scanner runs threat detection on the local intranet, which can help clients understand security holes from the inside. Administrators should test their network devices as a user to determine which vulnerabilities would be accessible to trusted users of a network. An external security scanner is approached as an evaluation of the wider internet. It is important to scan the network and network devices like an intruder would to understand how data falls into the hands of those without network access. 
  • Comprehensive vs Limited: Comprehensive vulnerability scanners account for every device managed on a network. Scanned operating systems, open ports, and installed software are identified to find unauthorized network devices. Limited vulnerability scanners focus on particular network devices to reveal a specific security threat. 
Network vulnerability scanning: Determine what is on your network?

It all starts with having a network vulnerability scanner capable of quickly, comprehensively and accurately assessing endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities.

DDI NIRV™, our patented scanning technology is regarded as the industry’s best security scanner engine. Vulnerability scanning became a commodity long ago. And yet, finding the “signal in the noise” remains a challenge – even amongst well-known big brand solutions. What separates great network vulnerability scanning tools from run of the mill scanning is – in a word – precision. Capabilities unique to NIRV have resulted in the network vulnerability scanning technology’s patent status. NIRV, in combination with patented and proprietary features in our industry recognized vulnerability management system, Fortra VM, offers you unparalleled benefits:

A solution designed for scanning large, global networks that enables organizations of any size the ability to scan network devices on a per system, system type, network, and/or region basis. Vulnerability scans are effectively rolled-up and correlated with previous scans with patented technology into a full network view for powerful results management and reporting.

An expert network vulnerability scanner utilizing artificial intelligence techniques, enabling rapid deployment without users having to have prior knowledge of devices in the networks they wish to scan.

A results management platform equipped with scan-to-scan host correlation, rooted in machine learning, dramatically reducing false positives and negatives by keeping accurate track of devices over time.

Easily scan large, global networks

Scan devices on a per system, system type, network, and/or regional basis. Scans are effectively rolled-up and correlated with previous scans to deliver a full network view.

Rapid deployment

Artificial intelligence enables rapid deployment without users having to have prior knowledge of devices in the networks they wish to scan.

Reduce false positives

A results management platform dramatically reduces false positives and negatives by keeping accurate track of devices over time.

Learn more about DDI NIRV and our flexible network vulnerability scanning subscription services that are customized to your needs. Subscriptions include options for client-managed or Digital Defense-managed services. We also offer a managed PCI scanning service that lifts the burden surrounding PCI compliance.

Determining your security posture

Many organizations have dealt with an expanding attack surface beyond traditional network bounds. The normalization of remote work is only increasing the number of attacks on networks exposed to the internet. IT and security experts can adopt practices applicable to the work-from-home environment through an updated network vulnerability scan strategy. Experts can handle their attack surface by monitoring both remote endpoints and network assets in a vulnerability scan with our VM Agent scanning.

Your security posture is determined by scanning one or all of the IP addresses that support your company’s business operation. In order to fingerprint network-connected devices (e.g. web servers, workstations, routers, firewalls, etc.) a physical or virtual security scanner application is deployed running Digital Defense’s patented scanning technology. After fingerprinting, each security scanner device is subjected to a battery of tests to determine if vulnerabilities are present. Each individual security scanner and the networks to which they are connected are then rated based on the number and severity level of vulnerabilities found. When vulnerabilities are detected, Fortra VM consumes the scanning information delivered by NIRV and quickly provides prioritization and remediation information so immediate action can be taken.

Add our Agent to fill the gaps that remote endpoints create in your security posture. Learn More.

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Web applications are prime targets for attackers because of the date that they constantly access and process. Rapid web application technologies require organizations to familiarize themselves with new standards and practices. Securing these applications is non-negotiable when new web technologies and web-based attacks are consistently being introduced. Keep your organization’s security up to standard with Web Application Scanning (WAS) for the highest level of dynamic web application testing results. 

While web applications are typically an invaluable part of an organization’s digital marketing initiatives, they can also be a hacker’s initial point of entry into your organization. Digital Defense’s web application scanning system identifies weaknesses in the security of web applications enabling remediation efforts to take place in order to prevent potential security breaches. Also underpinned by the NIRV scanning engine, clients benefit from the same unparalleled level of precision, accuracy and speed presented through our network scanning services. Additionally, the results from the two scanning solutions are delivered in Fortra VM, our award-winning results management technology.

Although open source web application scanning technologies exist, they can be complicated to configure and provide virtually inconsumable results. Web Application Scanning provides accurate insight to the security of your organization’s web applications. User friendly setup and accurate results provide our clients with the information they need to make quick and concise decisions to secure their network. 

Reconnaissance Network Appliance (RNA)

Our SaaS delivery model and leading edge technology ensures your scanning process is seamless and quick. Finding the location where known vulnerabilities reside is one of the most important elements of a sound security program.

NIRV takes scanning well beyond traditional approaches, enabling the discovery of critical flaws, new attacker techniques – even zero day vulnerability threats – missed by other engines. This is all made possible by its real-time event based tuning, which adjusts scanning depth as our intelligent security scanner engine learns more about hosts, the networks and the applications on which they reside.

External scanning does not require an enabling device while internal scanning is enabled through a Reconnaissance Network Appliance and available in both physical and virtual form factors.

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