Digital Defense, Inc. Sponsors 2021 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report

By Fortra's Digital Defense


Digital Defense Provides SaaS, Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Technology as Part of AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting Vulnerability and Threat Management Services, Helping Organizations Discover and Manage Risk Effectively and Efficiently

SAN ANTONIODecember 17, 2020Digital Defense, Inc., a leader in vulnerability management and threat assessment solutions, today announced that it is a sponsor of the 2021 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report: 5G and the Journey to the Edge. The new report is based on a survey of 1,000 security practitioners from the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, conducted during September 2020.

Highlights from the AT&T Cybersecurity report include securing a 5G-enabled world, a discussion of the shared responsibility model of security for 5G between the carrier and the business and the explosion of diverse connected “things” and why security matters.

Digital Defense is a strategic technology provider to AT&T Cybersecurity. Customers benefit from a powerful security solution that includes patented vulnerability scanning technology, proprietary project management services and trademark security metrics to gauge organization security risk. In sponsoring the AT&T Cybersecurity Insight Report, Digital Defense is furthering the collaborative mission to educate organizations about their expanding threat landscape and to manage and mitigate risks efficiently and effectively.

According to the report, “The number of existing vulnerabilities within enterprise networks will not slow down as 5G gets implemented. New vulnerabilities can be created due to spinning up a new virtualized instance or cloning a virtual instance with an unaddressed vulnerability. Security teams will need to be prepared to prevent these threats from spreading rapidly within their environment by addressing those that are most exposed and ripe for attack. This includes comprehensive discovery and identification, prioritization based on internal security controls and external factors such as known exploits in the wild and ongoing patch management and mitigation.

“The proliferation of endpoints combined with an expanding threat landscape compounds the need for next-generation vulnerability management and threat assessment solutions that are scalable and easy to use. AT&T Cybersecurity’s latest report highlights how important it is for organizations to have these security tools at the ready to help secure the 5G ecosystem and expand upon their existing threat detection and response efforts,” said Mike Cotton, senior vice president of engineering at Digital Defense.

“Identifying the importance of cybersecurity for connected assets such as applications, endpoints and users is critically important as we see 5G adoption in businesses gain traction and drive business differentiation,” said Theresa Lanowitz, director of cybersecurity communications, AT&T Cybersecurity. “5G technology is revolutionary, and security professionals expect that 5G will require a change to their security approach in order to accommodate the network changes. Having Digital Defense as one of the sponsors of our report helps to highlight the continuing importance of cybersecurity in a hyperconnected world.”

For over twenty years, Digital Defense's mission has been to make vulnerability management accessible and easy for any size security team or organization to implement and manage through Frontline.Cloud, its cloud-native Security Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Frontline.Cloud supports multiple systems including Frontline Vulnerability Manager™ (Frontline VM™), Frontline Active Threat Sweep™, Frontline Web Application Scanning™ and Frontline Pen Testing™, providing organizations with robust, yet easy to deploy security solutions that deliver unparalleled results, while allowing already overwhelmed and over tasked IT and security professionals to do security assessment work with ease. The company currently protects billions of dollars in assets for small businesses, mid-sized enterprises and Fortune 5000 companies across the globe.

About Digital Defense:

Serving clients across numerous industries, Digital Defense’s innovative and leading-edge technology helps organizations safeguard sensitive data and ease the burdens associated with information security. Frontline.Cloud, the original Security SaaS platform, delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiencies through multiple systems including Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM), Frontline Web Application Scanning (Frontline WAS), Frontline Active Threat Sweep (Frontline ATS) and Frontline Pen Test. The Digital Defense Frontline suite of solutions, underpinned by patented technology and complemented with superior service and support, are highly-regarded by industry experts, as illustrated by the company’s designation as a 2020 Hot 150 Cybersecurity Company2020 Tag Cyber Distinguished Vendor, 2019 U.S. Department of Labor Platinum Medallion Award, a five-star review in SC Magazine and CRN 5-Star Partner Program rating.

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