Innovative, Scalable and Highly Accurate SaaS Technology Simplifies and Eases the Burdens Associated with Vulnerability and Threat Management

Vulnerability scanning has been around since 2000. Virtually every enterprise security team today utilizes vulnerability scanning - and likely a vulnerability management system. In fact, many analysts regard vulnerability scanning, at least, as having fully commoditized.

Accuracy remains elusive with even the largest VM solution providers- even after 20 years of technology evolution.

We'll continue to evolve and expand on vulnerability assessment, management, and adjacent market spaces that can benefit from fast, lightweight footprint, comprehensive and accurate network security technologies and risk assessment tools. Three examples of network security technologies that continue to deliver market-leading differentiation are DDI NIRV™, DDI DNA™, and DDI VRT™.


DDI NIRV – the network security technology core of our Reconnaissance Network Appliance (RNA) – works on the principle of real-time event-based tuning. As it learns more about hosts and the network, NIRV adjusts its plugin sets and auditing mechanisms in real time – leading to far more accurate and complete scanning data.

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While we have achieved public acclaim for its superior vulnerability scanning, vulnerability management, and best practice consultative services, we are also actively involved in security threat research.

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Digital Node Attribution (DNA) is the core network security technology within Fortra VM that eliminates network drift. As point in time scans from RNA are fed into Fortra VM, DNA is able to match host identification artifacts associated with a specific endpoint over time – including dynamic identifiers like IP address, DNS hostname and NetBIOS hostname – and reconcile them back to a common identity.

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