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Is Your Security Ecosystem Portraying Your Risk Accurately?

Breaches are happening at alarming rates. No organization too large or too small is safe from the likelihood that a cyber criminal could potentially leverage network vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data. Frustrated security experts are learning that the success of any information security program is dependent on the accuracy of security intelligence.

When discovered, Digital Defense proactively warns the infosec community about serious flaws found in vulnerability management systems, which has companies exhausting resources or making far-reaching and often, expensive security decisions based on inaccurate data. In this white paper, we share our continued concerns and warnings with customers.


Key Highlights:

  • The Rise of the Integrated Information Security Ecosystem
  • Marrying Threat with Weakness Information
  • The Consequences of Flawed Vulnerability Management Systems
  • Integrating with VM – A Match Not Made in Heaven

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