2024 Pen Testing Report

Pen testing has become a strategic component of proactive cybersecurity portfolios, exploiting vulnerabilities to identify which security weaknesses put an IT environment most at risk. But just as pen tests assess an infrastructure’s security controls, organizations must also regularly evaluate their pen testing approach, carefully considering the available tools and methodologies to ensure they are effectively addressing their unique security needs and requirements. 

The 2024 Penetration Testing Report provides the results of an annual global survey of cybersecurity professionals on their offensive security practices. By sharing their experiences, the security community gains valuable perspectives on the efficacy of different approaches, common challenges, and other key takeaways. This information can help organizations to make inform deliberations on future enhancements to their security strategy.  

This year’s report found a general agreement on the value of pen testing, with 72% of respondents reporting that penetration testing has prevented a breach at their organization. 

Despite the evident challenge of resource limitations, 83% of respondents still pen test at least one-two times a year, which stresses its importance in growing and maintaining a resilient, proactive security posture.  

Check out the full report to get more insights on the pen testing experiences of different cybersecurity professionals, including: 

  • Pen testing motivations 
  • Responses to increased compliance initiatives 
  • Usage of in-house teams and third-party services  
  • Pen testing frequency 
  • Evaluation criteria for pen testing tools 
  • Relationship to red teaming  
  • Commonly tested infrastructures and environments 

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