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Audit the security of your web applications with Web Application Scanning

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It’s an appy world and you’re leading the charge. But how secure are your applications?  Web applications with their access, and transactions they process, are prime targets for criminal attackers.  Rapid web application technology changes require organizations to constantly stay abreast of new standards and best practices. With the introduction of each new web technology and the sheer volume of web based attacks, one fact remains true – securing the application(s) is non-negotiable.

Quick. Comprehensive. Accurate.

Web Application Scanning (WAS) will provide insight into the security state of your organization’s web applications, provide a list of prioritized vulnerabilities, and technical recommendations to mitigate or remediate them.

Many web application scanning technologies exist, but they are complicated to configure and provide almost inconsumable results.  WAS leverages the innovative and intuitive design of Fortra VM platform. User friendly setup and actionable results give users the information they need quickly and concisely.

Identify and report on web application vulnerabilities and all types of platforms and technologies.

• Easy to deploy and configure
• Comprehensive discovery
• Deep scan (full javascript/DOM rendering)
• Intuitive results navigation
• Active view
• Robust filtering
• Dynamic reporting/visualization
• Cumulative assets reports with data from Fortra VM for holistic security view

Results Are Key

At Digital Defense, we know the importance of optimizing time and resources to ensure your information security program is performing at the highest level.

WAS has been developed to provide the highest level of results through a system that is easily deployed and maintained. Enjoy the benefits of a technology you can trust to deliver unparalleled accuracy with minimal consumption of resources.

Web Application Scanning provides:

• High level dashboards at the web application scan level easily expose overall security postures at various levels
• Tracking of and trending on new, recurred, fixed vulnerabilities
• Security GPA® trending that offers a dynamic view of your security posture
• Detailed reporting to address OWASP Top 10
• Ability to compare Fortra VM and WAS Assets Ratings automatically, with no manual intervention required

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