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Many organizations are rapidly shifting to Security as a Service (SaaS), as opposed to owning and operating their own security products and risk assessment tools with in-house processes, personnel, etc.  The challenges of budget, resourcing, and simply staying current with a rapidly changing threat landscape are just better left in the hands of those who focus on security for a living.


Digital Defense offers its industry-leading vulnerability management solution in two powerful and cost-effective subscriptions – Frontline Advanced™ and Frontline Pro™.


A Scanning Solution for Organizations of Any Size


Frontline Advanced ™


Frontline Advanced is Digital Defense’s flagship vulnerability management subscription offering.


Combining Frontline RNA™’s patented scanning technology with Frontline Vulnerability Manager’s elimination of network drift, easy to use GUI, Frontline Security GPA® score, Frontline Connect™ security workflow integration and more – Digital Defense’s Frontline Advanced subscription is the security industry’s most effective vulnerability management solution.


All of the power of Frontline RNA, Frontline Vulnerability Manager, Frontline Security GPA, and Frontline Connect is conveniently bundled into a rich, affordable, and easy to consume annual subscription.


Frontline Pro™


Frontline Pro provides the same industry leading solution subscription as Frontline Advanced but adds a Personal Security Analyst (PSA).  PSAs perform the work of running your scans, analyzing the results, generating reports, and providing direct remediation planning guidance for you, as opposed to your security team doing that themselves.  It’s the ultimate outsource for all size organizations and is especially attractive for organizations that have limited security management time or expertise.


Gain Insight into Your Real Security Threats


When vulnerabilities are detected, Frontline VM quickly provides prioritization and remediation information so immediate action can be taken.


Client-defined Risk Ratings ‐ Set the business risk level of your IP devices to a level based on confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Easily pinpoint areas of high risk and focus efforts on defending your enterprise.


Security GPA® ‐ Measure success with a grade point average for your network. Security GPA is based on a complex algorithm that takes into account both the network security posture rating and the business risk associated with discovered vulnerabilities.


But, the Digital Defense solution approach rests on more than just a compelling solution subscription.  Every client – regardless of subscription type – is assigned a Client Support Advocate (CSA).


The CSA works diligently to ensure you are taking advantage of Frontline’s powerful feature set by fully utilizing Digital Defense’s library of training, support, and documentation resources, so you are deriving maximum solution value from Frontline.


Results Are Key


Digital Defense Vulnerability Management Services allow organizations to:


  • Leverage our technical expertise and world-class customer service and support
  • Focus on core business functions to save time, money, and effort by reducing the administrative burden and tedium of performing vulnerability scans with complicated tools or unmanaged open source solutions
  • Demonstrate your commitment to information security with comprehensive reporting on the security posture of your network
  • Detect possible security vulnerabilities and respond quickly with actions based on your pre-defined security policies


Which Service Level is Right for You?



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