The Rising Role of Managed Service Providers in the Fight Against Cyber Attacks

By Guest Blogger, Mauricio Chede, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

In the battle against cyber adversaries, IT security professionals have to carefully balance competing objectives; protecting business assets and processes while enabling legitimate business operations and initiatives. Maximizing both objectives is challenging, especially in a highly competitive and digitally connected business environment. Far too frequently, sacrifices in cyber defenses and acceptable risk are made to facilitate business operations.

This increases demand for security service providers that must support their clients in assessing and managing cyber risks with greater effectiveness. Leveraging their experience and expertise in utilizing foundational security technologies and armed with perspectives on cyber adversary’s techniques, tactics, and procedures, security service providers can minimize the exposure of clients and mitigate the advances of cyber adversaries.

Further, with cyber adversaries making investments that are spread over many targets, businesses need a partner that can deliver effective security services at scale for many clients across multiple attack vectors.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have an important role in protecting enterprises across multiple attack vectors.   In addition, as a distribution channel for technology providers, they are able to provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) related to latency, availability, redundancy, support, resource performance, and provide skilled resources. All of these attributes are taken into consideration by customers before choosing a managed services provider that offers Vulnerability Management (VM) technology.

VM vendors need to help their channel partners sell their solutions not only as a cybersecurity technology, but also as part of a cybersecurity mindset. Customers need to be reminded of the irreplaceable value of security services. However, VM vendors also need to support their channel partners with a consistent go-to-market strategy so they can transform their sales efforts from selling a product to solving business problems.

The channel market is continuing to be a successful growth strategy for most VM suppliers. Both small and large suppliers are using sales and distribution channels to grow in their base markets and expand into new ones.

Cloud hosting has made it easier for VM vendors to sell their solutions through MSSPs. Operating in a cloud environment also facilitates easier integration with third-party providers giving the opportunity for pure-play VM suppliers to become part of a larger cyber solution through System Integrator and Value-added Reseller (VAR) partners.

With customers increasingly requesting more proactive security measures to defend against the evolving cyber threats, MSPs are adopting more advanced solutions to better detect and anticipate the potential threats. Digital Defense has positioned itself as a strong strategic partner to MSPs, demonstrating value to clients.

Additional benefits of partnering with MSPs:

  • Bidirectional Cooperation: The relationship developed between a managed service provider and a customer is built over time. The provider becomes intimately aware of the customer’s environment. Partnering with leading cyber vendors augments the trust clients have in MPSs while enabling a VM technology vendor to expand faster than they could on their own while also maximizing revenue growth.
  • Geographical Expansion: Several global regions are providing good business opportunities for VM technology vendors. Although security maturity tends to be higher in North America and EMEA, APAC and Latin America are steadily catching-up. As security is about trust between providers and clients, partnering with distinguished MSPs will expand technology brand awareness worldwide.
  • Time to Market: The fastest go-to-market strategy is through established MSPs. In fact, many VM vendors chose to work through local MSPs and systems integrators to sell into some regions rather than building a dedicated sales force for some regions and countries.

In Summary

Due to the rising incidents of advanced cyber-attacks, customers are increasingly looking beyond traditional security management and monitoring services toward more advanced detection and remediation capabilities. New security technologies are always on the horizon, MSPs are the client‘s trusted advisor, so partnering with leading VM as a service provider will enable rapid monetization and more satisfied clients.

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