Frost & Sullivan Present Digital Defense, Inc. with the Customer Value Leadership Award

Background and Industry Challenges

  With the rise of the Internet of Things, organizations across industry verticals require adequate cybersecurity solutions to combat the numerous potential methods of compromise. The leading causes of security incidents include phishing, malware, hacking, and human error—totaling 55% of all cases. Danielle Van Zandt, Aerospace, Defense & Security Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said, “Digital Defense empowers companies to protect their networks through its industry-leading Frontline Vulnerability Manager system, which delivers a multitude of benefits, superior value, and a significant return on investment.” Companies leveraging sufficient security solutions could save in overall labor costs while allowing employees to focus on more cognitively intensive tasks, translating to higher productivity and enterprise growth, while growing cybersecurity protections through an advanced, automated risk assessment solution. To learn more, read the full report. Download your copy today!

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