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Previously unknown software flaws, or Zero-day Vulnerabilities, pose a serious threat to any organization, whether a large enterprise IT system or a small business network.


A single exploited zero-day vulnerability in one of your computers or network can be devastating to your data, bottom line and reputation.


Unfortunately, these threats are an ongoing concern to your organization. But choosing the right network security provider can greatly improve your security posture.


We have a unique capability to proactively research and discover unknown vulnerabilities – and then act quickly to bring timely disclosures to our clients.  Our dedication to this effort provides our clients an extra measure of peace of mind.


We house a vulnerability management software, “in the cloud”, in our own secure data center. This provides us with a robust database of aggregate data from the DDI “community of clients” that can be scrutinized for suspicious flaws. DDI users have access to early detection capabilities backed by a dedicated team of security researchers who are actively working to find new zero day vulnerabilities. When new vulnerabilities are discovered by our Vulnerability Research Team (VRT), the flaws are responsibly disclosed according to DDI’s industry standard disclosure policy. VRT works closely with vendors to ensure they are aware of the issue, can validate and quickly provide a fix. DDI users are also the first to know, so affected users can accelerate remediation. 


  • We are vigilant in our quest to root out any vulnerabilities that pose a danger to our clients.
  • We listen to our clients who report problems their vendors cannot solve and react with investigation into any issues, thus helping them to continuously safeguard their networks.
  • We pinpoint network flaws as part of your DDI managed service by reviewing results of generic vulnerability detections.


DDI is proud to provide the analytic expertise necessary to quickly identify zero-day issues, improving the security posture of organizations across the globe. Our VRT has released multiple vulnerability disclosures, including those within widely used platforms such as:


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