Educate and Test to Improve Cybersecurity Awareness

How do I ensure all personnel are cognizant of risky “digital behavior”?

Most organizations utilize defense-in-depth safeguards for their networks. But these vulnerability management solutions are only one part of the equation. Humans continue to be a weak link in the chain. Therefore, it is equally – if not more – important to educate and sensitize employees around best practice “digital behavior” to help fend off attacks made possible by human vulnerabilities.

Digital Defense offers effective and highly regarded human testing and education programs designed specifically to bring employees and contractors to a high level of security awareness:

Frontline Social Test

Social engineering is a popular technique attackers use to gain access to your network and, ultimately, valuable information held by your organization. Frontline Social Test is an assessment which identifies employee, contractor, and patron susceptibility to phishing, vishing and other tricks commonly used by hackers.