Top 5 Topics Your InfoSec Training Program Should Cover

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Businesses often spend thousands of dollars on network security, only to have company credentials provided over the phone by an employee to a malicious attacker.


Today’s data protection technology has advanced, making it more difficult for hackers to 'get in’, but human nature and a person’s willingness to be helpful has not changed. Social engineers are choosing to work smarter, not harder, and are using the element of basic human trust to their advantage to get to the information they seek.


Employees are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting sensitive information and often the first place attackers go to. To combat against the attacks, employees must be equipped through security awareness training to recognize an attempted attack and fight back.

These are the Top Five Topics Your InfoSec
Training Program Should Cover

  1. Password Development
    The recent security breaches making headlines in the news and security flaws such as 'Heartbleed' and Shellshock Bash bugs underscore the need for employees to understand the importance of secure passwords.
  2. Mobile Device Security
    Employees utilizing personal iPhones, iPads and other devices to conduct business are no longer the exception but now the rule. However, convenience can come at a price. Train your employees on proper security on the go.
  3. Social Engineering
    Cyber criminals are working smarter not harder gaining inside access to organizations throughout the world. Train your employees not to be taken advantage of by social engineers who are using human nature to get their foot in the door and their hands on sensitive information. One opened email; One clicked link. Simple acts that could lead to devastating consequences. Train your employees on easily deployed attacks that are highly effective at gaining access to valuable data.
  4. Safe Web Browsing
    Online pop-ups, deceptive links and clickable graphics can all lead to spyware and other potentially dangerous traps. Train your employees on common tactics used by cyber criminals and how to avoid falling prey to these tricks.
  5. Preventing Virus & Malware Outbreaks
    The complexity of recent attacks originating from the introduction of a virus onto a network demonstrates the need for training and ongoing education. Learn about antivirus technologies and ways to detect malware.

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