Managed Vulnerability Scanning

By Fortra's Digital Defense

It's not easy to keep up with threats to your tech systems, services, and applications. With new vulnerabilities appearing on a daily basis, you need a solution that regularly assesses your security operations. This is where managed vulnerability scanning comes into play.

Digital Defense's managed vulnerability scanning service combines modern vulnerability assessment and scanning tools with experienced security professionals to create a more proactive approach to cybersecurity. 

With our help, organizations can quickly address the security weaknesses of their web applications, servers, and systems in the most cost-effective and convenient way possible.


What Is Managed Vulnerability Scanning?

Why take this route in the first place? Unlike automated scanning, our vulnerability management scanning services give you the advantage of professional human guidance, something that even the most advanced security technologies can't replicate. Our team of experts will handle your threat detection process, assess each vulnerability, and recommend the best course of action for each one. 

For organizations facing difficulties in managing their security vulnerabilities in-house, whether due to limited scan times, limited in-house skillsets, limited technology, or a limited budget, Digital Defense can help level the playing field.


Benefits of Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS)

Keep Your Cybersecurity Measures in Top Shape

Hackers will frequently raid your attack surface until they breach the system. With our vulnerability management scanning service, you will have an easier time alleviating vulnerabilities with the added benefit of meeting your industry's regulatory compliance standards.

Vulnerability Management (VM)

Digital Defense's security teams help monitor, manage, and maintain your infrastructure with regularly scheduled scans of your network. With our managed vulnerability scanning service, you can get our professional remediation guidance when you need it. We help to prioritize your vulnerability management priorities.

Reduce the Strain on Your In-House Team

While regular scanning is a necessary process for any security program, it can be time and labor-intensive. Our managed vulnerability scanning service reduces the workload of your security operations center. This leaves your team free to focus on addressing the vulnerabilities in your network environment instead of discovering them.

Plan for the Future

Our team of security professionals will work closely alongside your security team to develop a long-term security strategy for your company's threat landscape. By taking a page from our book, you can better handle vulnerabilities to effectively lower potential losses.


Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services

Scheduled Scanning

Our vulnerability scanning tools give clients the information they need to secure their network. Managed vulnerability scans contain straightforward summaries as well as detailed descriptions of detected vulnerabilities and remediation advice. We can run this scan every month or more frequently, depending on your company's needs.

Regular Vulnerability Reports

Apart from the results of our managed scan service, we also produce monthly reports that provide:

  • Reliable vulnerability intelligence
  • Trending and analysis with categorization based on threat level (low, medium, high, critical)
  • Industry-standard scoring systems like the Common Vulnerabilities Scoring System (CVSS)

With detailed reports from our managed scan service, your organization can have enhanced visibility of all the threats on your site and an easier time prioritizing the ones that need immediate solutions.

Expert Report Analysis and Support

As your security consultants, we can analyze each risk and offer remediation advice to equip you better for every vulnerability management response. Our managed vulnerability assessments will help you understand the security risk to your organization and quantify the potential exposure level. 

You can easily contact us by email, or phone, and our VM team will quickly respond to your concern. You can rely on us to support your business with all things cybersecurity-related, whether you need remediation support or help meeting regulatory compliance.

Proactive Vulnerability Alerts

By alerting you of critical issues as soon as they are detected, we can shrink the gap between detection time and the time to create a solution. After all, the main purpose of a VM scan is to continuously update our threat intelligence in line with your security environment. 

To put it simply, our vulnerability alerting technology effectively reduces your risk exposure to attacks and gives you peace of mind.

Vulnerability Dashboard and Management Tools

As a PSI-approved scanning vendor (ASV), you can expect every security tool at our disposal to meet rigorous industry standards. Our managed vulnerability scanning solution (MVS) also comes with a streamlined dashboard view of your system's vulnerabilities. 

On top of this, our VM service also includes powerful vulnerability management tools that include features like:

  • Continuous view of the managed risk landscape
  • Assigning criticality levels to IT assets
  • On-demand reporting
  • Penetration testing
  • Host monitoring

As a general practice, always get your vulnerability management solution or other security posture software from an ASV to ensure its quality and safety.


Choose the Managed Vulnerability Scanning That's Right for You

While every industry faces cybersecurity challenges, the risk profile can widely differ at an organizational level. 

We understand that countless factors can change your optimal security coverage, so our VM program lets you customize your service through various aspects:

  • your company's risk attitude
  • the size and complexity of your IT environment
  • the amount of sensitive data you store
  • your online presence (IP addresses, web pages, etc.)
  • or the effect of a potential data breach on your business

Our security consultants will take note of everything down to the last detail. By giving you more freedom to choose your vulnerability management program coverage, you can cut down on needless costs and still effectively reduce risk for your devices, IP addresses, and other IT assets.


Why Choose a Managed Vulnerability Scanning from Digital Defense?

Unlike the average competitor that can only provide a VM program riddled with unnecessary additions, Digital Defense provides modern tools that provide fast and accurate results. We continue to improve and innovate our services to meet today's rising standards -- which is why our clients should expect nothing less than complete satisfaction.

Aside from our regularly-updated software, our ASV consultant team delivers insightful network and system assessments. We also pride ourselves on providing clients with a streamlined and intuitive browsing experience. Whether you want to start a quick assessment or view the results from a previous scan, the process will be quick and easy to master, leaving you with more time to manage the other aspects of your business.

About Digital Defense

Our SaaS platform supports Fortra Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning, and Active Threat Sweep that together provide:

  • Asset discovery and tracking
  • OS and web application risk assessment
  • Targeted malware threat assessment
  • Machine learning features that leverage threat intelligence
  • Agentless & agent-based scanning
  • Penetration testing for networks, mobile applications, and web applications
  • Compliance management. One of the world’s longest tenured PCI-Approved Scanning Vendors

Our SaaS platform virtually eliminates false-positives associated with legacy vulnerability management solutions, while also automating the tracking of dynamic and transient assets and prioritizing results based on business criticality.

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