A New Approach to Combining Pro-Active Offensive and AI-Based Defensive Measure for Preventing Breaches

By Fortra's Digital Defense
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Sanjay Raja, Senior Director Strategic Technical Partnerships for Digital Defense, Inc.

Today’s threat detection solutions incorporate multiple data inputs from endpoints, networks, and cloud environments put through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence engines to automate the discovery of an attack campaign. However, discovery of and tracking of both hidden and dynamic infrastructure along with vulnerability and early threat risk can be used to supplement additional indicators of compromise and is invaluable for automating investigations and improving security response prioritization and time to remediation.

It has become clear with advanced malware attack campaigns, including ransomware, like WannaCry, that most threat detection and vulnerability management systems have failed to protect organizations for a variety of reasons, especially as they work in silos to defend against and detect against attacks.

As security teams look to automate the detection of attacks in real-time, it is critical to have the most accurate real-time assessment of assets for risk, potential compromises and active attack campaigns across the entire enterprise to have any hope of preventing a breach from being successful. This is especially true in today’s dynamic hybrid cloud environments where it is almost impossible for security teams to know the risk and/or threat posture of a given asset due to frequent host changes, mobile workers, virtual machines, etc.

There are inherent challenges with current vulnerability management solutions, that have basically gotten stale over time because as much as they get “redone” at their core they are built for legacy on premise only deployments and must use agents that execute excessive scanning techniques that are extremely intrusive to any type of host and also significantly burden the network and generate lots of noise with too many false positives. This means that vulnerability and threat posture is often months out of date based on the majority of organizations I have talked to and worse, organizations cannot decipher where to prioritize their efforts for remediation. We can all recognize this does not keep up with the pace of attacks and attackers.

Digital Defense’s Frontline.Cloud app on Cortex by Palo Alto Networks, the only recognized on-demand vulnerability management and threat assessment Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution purpose built for hybrid cloud environments, ingests data analyzed from Palo Alto Networks Traps and Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls and identifies, not only at-risk systems, but also shows high risk and compromised assets in real-time. In addition, by combining risk and threat posture with business context, the Frontline.Cloud app on Cortex provides an unprecedented level of noise reduction and prioritization that security teams desperately need to be more effective. Come see this breakthrough app in action at the Ignite19 Conference in Austin, Texas on June 3-6.

To learn more about how Digital Defense’s patented technology comes together in a single purpose-built SaaS vulnerability management and threat detection platform, Digital Defense Frontline.Cloud, designed for today’s hybrid cloud environments, please visit.

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