Digital Node Attribution (DNA)

Digital Node Attribution (DNA) is the core technology within Frontline Vulnerability Manager™ (Frontline VM™) that eliminates network drift. As a point in time network vulnerability scanner that feeds RNA data into Frontline VM, DNA is able to match host identification artifacts associated with a specific endpoint over time – including dynamic identifiers like IP address, DNS hostname and NetBIOS hostname – and reconcile them back to a common identity. Now, regardless of how identification artifacts may change over time, – otherwise known as network drift, DNA can accurately and consistently pin vulnerability scans to each discrete endpoint over time. This forms the basis of DNA’s accuracy superiority.

To appreciate the impact of network drift, consider the following data, as revealed by a Digital Defense study:

Servers – % Change
over 90 Days
Clients – % Change
over 90 Days
IP Address 4% 36%
DNS Hostname 6% 42%
NetBIOS Hostname 34% 20%

This data demonstrates how much a typical network (attack surface) changes in a relatively short period of time. And, it is exactly why competitive vulnerability management products – even those from highly regarded market leaders – report so many time-wasting false positives, which exacerbates the long standing stigma of vulnerability management solutions as producing high volumes of misleading and inaccurate data, i.e., “big data pollution”.

DNA eliminates network drift and as a result, ensures security teams are spending time only on timely, comprehensive and accurately pinned vulnerabilities.

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