Why You Need Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

The number of reported cybersecurity vulnerabilities has risen steadily over the last few years and most IT teams struggle to keep up. By employing a risk-based vulnerability management solution like Frontline VM, your team can move from outnumbered and exhausted to effective and empowered. This strategic approach provides much more than just a vulnerability scan, offering vital context and analysis to inform prioritization. Empower your team to cut through the noise of competing priorities and address the weaknesses that really matter.

Why Frontline VM?


  • Patented scanning technology virtually eliminates false positives
  • Asset reconciliation tracks and correlates assets through IP or hostname changes
  • Authenticated and unauthenticated scanning capabilities
  • Internal and external scanning provides a holistic view of your network


  • On demand SaaS platform allows users to scan the whole network without the need to maintain additional infrastructure
  • Lightweight agentless scanning footprint minimizes network impact
  • Agent-based scanning ensures coverage of remote endpoints


  • On demand reporting for executives, administrators and compliance needs
  • Built-in trending and diffing by asset, scan or vulnerability
  • Executive dashboard for key performance indicators at a glance


  • Unparalleled security expertise
  • 24/7 live US based customer support
  • Personal Security Analyst for personalized on-demand support

Our Features

Frontline Network Map

With Network Map, you can leverage Frontline’s patented scanning and host correlation technologies to visualize your network security posture with the click of a button.

Frontline Security GPA

Our unique yet simple security rating metric reflects even the smallest improvements as you continually assess your vulnerabilities and perform necessary remediation.

Frontline Threat Landscape

Threat Landscape combines real-world threat activity and industry-standard severity scores using machine learning to rank threats and vulnerabilities and score your appetite for risk

Frontline Connect Security Automation

Frontline Connect makes it easy to integrate discovered, analyzed, scored, and prioritized vulnerabilities into leading security workflow management platforms and SIEMs

Key Capabilities:

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Compliance Auditing

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Vulnerability Scanning

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Smart Labels

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Role-Based Control and Data Segmentation

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Customizable Reports

The Frontline Difference

Backed by a team of dedicated, certified professionals, Frontline VM delivers unparalleled excellence -- from deep, accurate network and host assessments all the way to intelligent integration with SIEMs and security workflow management systems. Customers choose Frontline VM for its high performance, ease of use, and stellar customer support.

“Frontline is easy to deploy and easy to configure.”

- Scott H., Director of IT, Mid-Market

“Amazing Vulnerability detection.”

- Caden T., IT Representative

“...their support has been quick to respond and helpful.”

- Eric T., IT Supervisor

See What Customers Are Saying About Frontline VM

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Eric T, IT Supervisor

Recommendations to others considering the product:

If you do your research and read testimonials as well as matching requirements, I think you'll find Digital Defense is the best option you'll come across for your security needs and compliance.

Administrator in Automotive

What do you like best?

Frontline at a Glance dashboard is very easy to read and gives a great network summary, which includes a GPA scores for both internal and external facing devices, number of assets, vulnerabilities, last time scanned, and threat rank. Reports are detailed, yet easy to understand, even at the executive level.

Consultant in Electrical Manufacturing

What do you like best?

We got a white-glove treatment from a representative from Digital Defense. They walked us through setting up both the internal and external security scans on our network. Once a quarter, we get a detailed report of every device internally. Not only will it list the vulnerability that needs to be remediated, but in most cases, it will give detailed instructions on how to remediate it. This little extra in the report saves a lot of time in researching when trying to remediate issues in a large network.

Ron G, Director of IT and Facilities

Recommendations to others considering the product:

If you are on the hunt for an Information Systems vulnerability product, Frontline is the one to get. It shows the global status of your network and the ability to drill down analytics to see really where the holes are and how to correct them.

Caden T, IT Representative

What do you like best?

We can determine and see where our vulnerabilities lie. Knowing what we need to tackle is very helpful and makes tracking everything with our assets easy! The vulnerabilities are all explained clearly, so it's easy to understand!

Thom G, General Counsel

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Frontline combined with DDI's attentive service allows us to monitor our infrastructure with confidence. On-demand scanning lets us make sure the patches we apply fix the actual problem.

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