The Wild West of Data Protection and GDPR

Settle the score with GDPR Compliance to make the grade.

Webinar overview:

As a security and compliance leader, you know too well that there’s a new data privacy sheriff in town, GDPR. But did you also know that many states are taking it seriously too? With the passage of California’s Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) passing, business leaders are beginning to wonder if the GDPR will soon become a U.S.A. data privacy regulation too. Is your state next?

Compliance fear factor messaging is likely swarming your inbox, but at this stage organizations like yours probably just need the complex regulation complied with yesterday. It's time to settle the score with GDPR compliance, but the majority of businesses aren't in full compliance due to the vast, wide-reaching regulation. You no doubt know the challenges by now, but what are the solutions?

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