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Digital Defense Partners are armed to scale, grow, and deliver proof of value to their clients. Our MSP Program and cloud-native SaaS platform integrate easily into the MSP business model for superior cyber security service offerings and demonstrate proof-of-value to your clients.

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Digital Defense has been providing essential cybersecurity security solutions for over 20 years. We are committed to our core competencies and delivering best-in-class vulnerability and threat management through our cloud-native SaaS platform.

Together with our technology, our MSP Program empowers MSPs, MSSPs, and MDRs to create new opportunities to monetize cyber security services and capture growth in dynamic markets.

Why Partner with Digital Defense?

  • Best-in-class vulnerability management technology - easy to implement and deploy
  • Cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS platform
  • Value-driven bundles and flexible billing
  • Procurement directly or through cloud marketplaces
  • Onboarding and enablement – market-ready with actionable plays
  • Custom, brandable reports and dashboards

Our programs and technology integrate into the MSP business model for superior service offerings and demonstrated proof-of-value to clients.

Become a cyber security partner with Digital Defense for quality vulnerability management, security consulting, technical support, and other cybersecurity solutions to develop successful opportunities. With incident response and data protection solutions, our cloud-based SaaS platform gives each partner the managed best security solutions to combat threats from attackers.

Why We Partner in Cyber Security

We partner with businesses and organizations that bring new outlooks and prioritize fixing challenging issues in cyber security. By improving the effectiveness of an organization’s current system and network solutions, each Digital Defense partner can focus solely on adding value to business solutions and their highly valuable customers. Becoming a Digital Defense partner can provide your organization benefits including:

  • Quality partner solutions
  • Maximized business profit
  • Partner trust in organization and customer security

Creating More Secure Networks – Together

We develop unified, integrated security solutions that become part of your daily workflows, transforming how you identify and remediate risk for your clients.

  • For partners, we complement your existing offerings to provide you with comprehensive security management programs.
  • For technology alliance partners, we form integrations that deliver cybersecurity solutions to you for a variety of industries.

*According to Forbes 2020 Roundup Of Cybersecurity Forecasts And Market Estimates

Experience the Advantage of  Multi-tenant Architecture

A True Multi-Tenant Solution

Many solutions claim multi-tenancy, but are modified on-premise solutions that have underlying limitations. Digital Defense’s purpose-built SaaS platform, is a true cloud-native, multi-tenant solution designed from the ground up for MSPs, MSSPs, and other service providers. The SaaS platform accelerates the ability to centrally provision, manage, and customize reporting on individual client environments at a global scale.

Our managed services partners can quickly monetize clients and improve margins by:

  • Deploying quickly, easily, and affordably with rapid provisioning. Our flexible SaaS platform requires minimal install overhead even for multiple environments, as well as rapid delivery of service.
  • Centralizing administration, including role assignments, user addition and removal, as well as other actions such as device inventories.
  • Viewing all owned accounts using one login. No need to login/logout when switching between customer accounts.

Improve Client Retention and Fuel Growth

Our robust multitenancy provides efficiencies that can take your business to the next level. Maximize productivity without adding headcount and improve overall team performance. By managing through a centralized single point of entry, your team will be able to deliver a higher level of service and security.

  • See what the client sees through our multitenancy dashboard. Take action on behalf of the client when needed.
  • Wrap in professional services to fuel additional revenue capture and to foster client loyalty.
  • Experience seamless integrations to enhance client security. Our full REST API and dedicated partner integration teams make it simple for you to add-on value for clients immediately.

Demonstrate Value with Per-Client Security Reporting 

Digital Defense results reporting provides a concise view of your risk and threat posture over time. Results include Security GPA® -- an intuitive metric that scores overall asset and network risk measured against the efficacy of your security program. Security GPA use patented algorithms to:

  • Establish a baseline on vulnerability and threat data
  • Track progress in remediating versus the emergence of new issues
  • Help managed service providers report and demonstrate how they are improving client security operations

Additionally, the Digital Defense Management and User Interface and Security GPA reports can be custom branded or key elements can be exported to into existing partner reports.

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"With the average cost of a data breach at $8M and the unrelenting onslaught of attacks, ongoing vulnerability management is a key component of a robust security program. The partnership with Digital Defense enables the Avertium Cybersecurity Centers of Excellence to deliver vulnerability management as a service efficiently and effectively as part of our extended detection and response service offering."

-Paul Caiazzo, SVP of security and compliance, Avertium

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