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In cybersecurity, recognizing your own vulnerabilities is as important as keeping up to date with the latest security tools. It is vital to understand how threats enter a system and how attackers could exploit your weaknesses so that you can tailor a robust security solution to protect your assets and business data.

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, applies the principle of offensive security before criminals gain access to your inner sanctum. Instead of waiting for an attacker to figure out a loophole, pen testing services allow you to identify vulnerabilities and manage them proactively. The paradigm shift greatly improves your security posture online, ensuring your network security is more than sufficient to protect your organization's sensitive data.

Digital Defense employs the latest penetration testing methodology to examine every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Our professionals work systematically, exploring every avenue that mimics a real-world attack to see how effective your detection and response framework performs. We then use the information to improve your security controls and prevent future cyber attacks.

Our Penetration Testing Services Team

Penetration testing services play a crucial role in fortifying operational security across all industries. Within our organization, the Penetration Testing Services Team is dedicated to replicating real-world scenarios to the highest degree, utilizing a comprehensive set of tools to assess and breach your organization's defenses. As leaders in our field, we employ seasoned, ethical security professionals, ensuring a stringent testing regimen from a partner you can trust.

Each member of our Penetration Testing Team is adept at adopting the perspective of an attacker. Their mission is to uncover any exploitable network vulnerabilities that could potentially tarnish your organization's reputation. Our customers include federal and state government agencies as well as companies of all sizes in a variety of industries.


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Our Methodology

Define the Scope

The Penetration Testing Services Team collaborates with the client to define the scope of engagement, ensuring key systems and applications are included.

Assess Vulnerabilities

Next, the Team conducts a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to evaluate the security posture IP addresses or web applications included within the scope, identifying vulnerabilities and their severity.

Conduct Penetration Test

Using a comprehensive set of tools and specialized techniques, the Services Team simulates a real-world attack on your systems to exploit the vulnerabilities identified in the assessment phase, and gain access to critical systems such as core servers, email platforms, domain controllers, and ERP systems.

Produce Reports and Provide Documentation

During testing, all findings are meticulously documented. Upon completion, clients receive both executive and technical reports - which include a detailed assessment of the vulnerabilities and a criticality rating - so you know which areas you should address first. Our Services Team examine the effect of various vulnerabilities on business operations, the damage potential, and the statistical likelihood of these events in your field.

Make Security Recomendations

Our professionals will provide recommendations on how to bolster your security response with recommended solutions. You can access our penetration testing experts in real-time for questions or further information about how to protect your organization from attacks in the future.

Our Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

Most penetration testers focus on automated systems to detect vulnerabilities, which leads to potential issues, many of which won't appear in an automated penetration test. Our professionals conduct extensive manual testing to find weaknesses in data validation and integrity checks, as well as problems with your authentication or session management systems.

Web Application Penetration Test (WAPT) service examines internally developed web applications, and those purchased from third parties, to ferret out and expose potential vulnerabilities. More than a simple software scan for web application vulnerabilities, WAPT utilizes a variety of sophisticated and automated software tools to detect issues such as:

  • SQL insertion
  • Improper character filtering
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Buffer overflows
  • and numerous others

WAPT is also available as a Subscription or Project service.

Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Cyber attacks use your organization's internal or external network and infrastructure to access the entire system. Our external network penetration testing process takes on the perspective of someone that doesn't have access to your systems or networks. The penetration team will try to compromise your systems and services, providing excellent insight into any external network vulnerabilities, both in terms of prevention and response.

Comprehensive security testing will also include internal network penetration testing services, looking at threats that already have authentication in your network.  Our internal network penetration test discovers deeper potential problems and the consequences of a severe breach by identifying the exposed information. The methodologies we use include:

  • Port scanning
  • System fingerprinting
  • Internal automated network scanning
  • Manual vulnerability testing
  • Configuration vulnerability testing and verification
  • Third-party security configuration testing
  • Scanning your network for known trojans
Wireless Penetration Testing

An organization's wireless networks are much easier to access since it's incredibly difficult to prevent physical access against any wireless medium. It’s a feature that leaves many organizations open to a worldwide attack.  We'll evaluation of your wireless networks and protocols to identify vulnerabilities, typically through Bluetooth or RFID. It identifies the extent of the threat to your wireless network and provides suggestions for preventing unauthorized access via rogue access points or other weaknesses.

Red Team Penetration Testing

Red Team Penetration Testing uses real-world attacker insight to help tailer a specific attack plan for your organization using the same methodology as a cybercriminal.  Our analysts use a combination of attack vectors through social engineering, internal, and external penetration testing to identify security gaps.

Code-Assisted Penetration Testing

Code-assisted penetration tests give testers access to a source code for various web applications, enabling an in-depth version of web application penetration testing.  There are many advantages to using the code-assisted approach, including allowing penetration testing services to verify business logic decisions. It also allows the visitor to peruse the connection between the back and front end of the application to test its vulnerabilities, streamlining your security response, and honing offensive security protocols.  Code-assisted testing offers plenty of extra value for minimal investment—it is well worth your time.

Social Engineering Services

Security is about more than systems or networks; it's also about people. One of the chief weak points in any security program is your workforce. Employees must undergo the same type of digital penetration testing assessments as the rest of your infrastructure.

Social engineering services make use of various penetration testing tools, including phishing, bribery, and physical testing:

  • Phishing: many employees are still happy to click on unknown links and attachments at work, providing attackers with an unguarded point of entry.
  • Bribery: employees may not remain loyal enough to your organization to protect it from unauthorized access, especially with the prospect of a small fee.
  • Physical testing: even if your organization has access control, there are several ways to bypass these systems and gain access to your building, and subsequently, your network.

By combining various on-site and off-site approaches, our penetration testing services detect any human weaknesses in your network security and propose an appropriate response. As with most other pen tests, it provides keen insight into potential cyber threats, consequences, and effective remedies.

API Penetration Testing

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) continually transferred information across networks, which make it one of the most widely used attack vectors. It's important to include these platforms in your security service pen testing regimin.  Traditional penetration testing methodology isn't enough to address vulnerable APIs since automation can't keep up with the sheer volume or variety on the market. You need a meticulous penetration testing service that will go through an API function by function, identifying all the ways an attacker would leverage these vulnerabilities to target your organization.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile applications focus on creating an app (most times as quickly as possible) to help with specific needs or tasks, but may not necessarily focus on the security aspect of it.  Those apps may leave or transmit sensitive data without proper security checks.  Our trained security experts use Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT) to analyze and implement industry best practices to locate potentially exploitable vulnerabilities that can compromise sensitive data.

As part of our mobile applications testing and vulnerability management, we analyze how Android and iOS devices interact with your network and how employees' mobile devices interact with the systems in your organization. In addition to various network communications tests, we'll also check how malware exploits your information security system.

AWS Penetration Testing

Security penetration testing with Amazon Web Services is different from regular penetration testing and vulnerability management. The main distinction is that AWS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which means that our clients don't own the infrastructure. There are legal constraints to performing comprehensive threat intelligence on the service, which penetration testing services need to keep in mind.

AWS environments vary considerably, so any AWS pen tests must be specifically tailored to your organizational settings. It should also be well within your company's scope and objectives. Our AWS penetration testing has the platform's required experience and comprehensive assessments and threat intelligence reports.

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