Must-Have SaaS Vulnerability Management Software Features

By Fortra's Digital Defense

The Key Features Users Demand

A vulnerability management (VM) program is far more than just a vulnerability assessment or vulnerability scan. A modern VM solution uses an ongoing process that regularly identifies, evaluates, reports, and prioritizes vulnerabilities in network systems and software. Here's our list of the top features you should look for when deciding on the right vulnerability management platform for your cybersecurity needs.

  1. Your team needs easy-to-use tools.
  2. Your stakeholders need actionable, easy-to-understand reports.
  3. The solution needs to be cost effective.
  4. And, finally, you deserve a good customer experience …
  5. … from a company that’s constantly evolving.

Sound hard? It’s not.

Step 1. Get Fortra Vulnerability Management

Step 2. There is no step 2.

Easy-To-Use Vulnerability Management Tools

It doesn’t matter how robust your vulnerability management software is if you don’t, or can’t, successfully integrate it into your tech stack. Digital Defense understands that and we’re so excited that our users agree. Voted one of the Best Security products for 2022 by G2, users consistently compliment Fortra VM’s ease of use and give the tool high marks for:

  • Fastest GoLive Time
  • Easiest Admin
  • Easiest Setup

Easy Implementation G2 Badge Spring 2022Easy Admin G2 Badge Spring 2022 Easy Setup G2 Badge Spring 2022

"We have peace of mind knowing that our information is secure. I like the easy-to-understand Dashboard, and the Customer Service is top-notch when I have a question."

- User in Medical Practice

The robust feature set of Fortra VM includes:

Security GPA risk-based rating metric

Security GPA provides an at-a-glance overview of the security health of your network. Unlike other solutions, our vulnerability management software considers important context to determine which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your organization.

Enhanced Peer Comparison

Insight provides the industry’s leading security analytics for vertical-specific comparisons. Our on-demand reports enable you to compare your security assessment scores to similar organizations, not only by industry but also by organizational and employee size.

Network Map

Use Network Map to visualize your entire network security posture at the click of a button. Use the data to take action against clusters or single assets, including one-click creation of scans, labels, and asset groups to enable further prioritization.

Threat Landscape

Threat Landscape feeds scoring data, plus intelligence gathered from online resources, into our proprietary machine learning model to report on the possibility of exploitation in your network. Use this to establish and track remediation strategies.

Security Tool Integration and automation

Connect provides you with the ability to easily integrate with leading security workflow management platforms and SIEMs.

Actionable Cybersecurity Reports & Dashboard

Vulnerability management should be simple to implement, simple to launch, and simple to use. Fortra VM’s straightforward dashboards, rating systems, progress tracking, and real-time reporting deliver on that promise.

“The At A Glance dashboard is very easy to read and gives a great network summary… Reports are detailed, yet easy to understand, even at the executive level.”

- Administrator in Automotive Industry

Offering on-demand reporting for executives, administrators and compliance needs, Fortra VM lets you create asset-specific vulnerability and remediation progress reports based on powerful filtering options tailored to your audience or compliance target.

These reports are specifically designed to give your organization the data and information it needs to manage effective and impactful remediation.

Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Threat Protection

If you can’t afford the vulnerability management tool, it really doesn’t matter how great it is.

“If you are looking for a total service security and vulnerability management utility, Fortra is the one.”

- Charles S, System Administrator

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for cybersecurity tools. Whether you are a large organization with a fully staffed security team or a small business with limited time and resources, we offer flexible vulnerability management options to meet your needs. Contact us to get a quote.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Get more than just top-notch tools and software. We pride ourselves on also providing world-class support to you and your organization. Vulnerability management is what we do, so our experts have deep knowledge from vulnerability assessment to security and compliance. Our goal is to empower you with that knowledge so you can take action.

"Highly Recommended. We got a white-glove treatment from a representative from Digital Defense.”

- Consultant in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Our team consistently earns a 75 or better Net Promoter Score (NPS) and 90+ customer satisfaction score, and was recently awarded top honors in over a dozen categories by G2 users. How can we help you?

Never Stop Evolving

Because the cybersecurity landscape is always changing, you need a vulnerability management solution that is focused on constantly improving to minimize your security risks.

“Easy to use and setup. Support is great ... they come up with new features based on customer feedback.”

- Administrator in Machinery Industry

The most effective cybersecurity tools are constantly evolving because the threat landscape requires it. Backed by the security research experts on Digital Defense's Vulnerability Research Team (VRT), our vulnerability management platform benefits from the latest threat intelligence and our team works tirelessly to address new attack vectors as they are identified: publishing security advisories, zero day reports, and updating our tools to better protect against these threats.

We also love hearing from users at events like the Fortra’ BuildIT User Conferences.

This annual event offers customers a forum to hear from industry experts, network with peers, and be a part of shaping new product releases.

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