The Practice of Pen Testing: 2023 Survey Results Revealed

By Fortra's Digital Defense

With penetration testing becoming an increasingly universal part of security strategies and compliance requirements, knowledge sharing and analysis grows more critical when defining best practices. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving cyber resilience through proactive security assessments, Fortra's Core Security conducts an annual survey of cybersecurity professionals on the usage and perception of pen testing. The data collected provides visibility into the full spectrum of pen testing’s role, helping to determine how these services, tools, and skills must evolve.

In this webinar, cybersecurity experts unveil the 2023 survey results, analyzing and offer insight on different pen testing trends and challenges, including:

  • Top security concerns like ransomware, phishing, and misconfigurations
  • The evolving role of pen testing in compliance initiatives
  • Balancing internal teams and external services
  • Vital pen testing tool features like reporting and threat libraries
  • The growing importance of integrations

Want to learn more about penetration testing trends?

Read the full 2023 Penetration Testing Report for more insights from this year's survey.


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