A Step-by-Step Video Guide to Using Fortra VM- Series #3

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Fortra VM Integrations Overview

Select an option to integrate your Fortra VM account into a single sign on (with 2-factor authentication) service.

Fortra VM Vulnerability Dictionary

Filter, sort, and search Fortra VM’s vast vulnerability dictionary.

Fortra VM Network Map

Customize your network map and see how to drill down into asset clusters, build and label asset groups, and run scans.

About Digital Defense

Our SaaS platform supports Fortra Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning, and Active Threat Sweep that together provide:

  • Asset discovery and tracking
  • OS and web application risk assessment
  • Targeted malware threat assessment
  • Machine learning features that leverage threat intelligence
  • Agentless & agent-based scanning
  • Penetration testing for networks, mobile applications, and web applications
  • Compliance management. One of the world’s longest tenured PCI-Approved Scanning Vendors

Our SaaS platform virtually eliminates false-positives associated with legacy vulnerability management solutions, while also automating the tracking of dynamic and transient assets and prioritizing results based on business criticality.

Vulnerability Management and Pen Testing Together

Protect critical systems and data by combining proactive security tools

Offensive Security Bundles

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