SMBleed Remote Kernel Memory Information Leak

By Fortra's Digital Defense

SMBleed (CVE-2020-1206)

A Kernel Info Leak vulnerability has been discovered and dubbed SMBleed (CVE-2020-1206).  The vulnerability lies in the decompression function of SMBv3.1.1.  This vulnerability combined with SMBGhost (CVE-2020-0796) from March 2020 can lead to an unauthenticated Remote Code Execution in Windows 10 clients and Windows Server 2016.  To mitigate, Microsoft released a patch on June 8th, 2020.  Please update as soon as possible on affected systems.  Also, ensure that TCP 445 is not externally accessible from the Internet.  For more information, please visit:

Frontline.Cloud includes authenticated check 137200 MS20-JUN Microsoft Windows Security Update, a High severity added June 10, 2020.

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