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Enterprise security is more than one security solution, it needs layered protection, with penetration testing, employee training, cybersecurity defense, enterprise risk assessment, and even physical on-site security testing. Digital Defense services extend your network security team’s capabilities. We are dedicated to information security, with a trained and experienced security service staff that works closely with vulnerability management.

Available Cybersecurity Services

Frontline Pen Testing Services

Testing for network and host vulnerabilities is essential to a strong information security program. Penetration testing goes beyond discovering vulnerabilities. It actively works to exploit them in a real-world attack scenario, testing your IT assets, data, human-error, and physical security.

Frontline Social Test

Human error can be the weakest link, allowing attackers to gain access to pertinent information about your company. With Frontline Social Test, Digital Defense can assess employee, contractor, and customer susceptibility to social trickery through on-site or remote-based mimicking of real-world tactics used by hackers.

Frontline Cyber Threat Management

Frontline Cyber Threat Management solutions offer organizations our expert threat intelligence to evaluate their level of risk in the ‘open, deep and dark web’ to see if cyber criminals have obtained valuable assets and exposed them on the dark web.

Frontline Security Awareness

TEAM™ - Security Training, Education, and Awareness Module (TEAM™) is a comprehensive online learning management system that helps you address and reduce risk.

Consultative Services

Digital Defense helps organizations simplify the complex world of information security through innovative consultative services.

Pricing varies depending on the services you need and there are discounts available for bundles. Join the thousands of customers who trust Digital Defense to protect their business critical assets.

Outflank Red Teaming Services

Red teaming applies realistic attacker techniques to your environment to prepare your organization for real incidents. It provides your team with better insight into how well your company is able to defend against attacks. This helps your organization identify which IT security aspects can be improved. Red teaming services include: attack simulation, strategic threat information, advanced pen testing, security consultation, and blue/purple team training.

Types of Frontline Penetration Tests

Mobile Application Penetration Test

Digital Defense’s Mobile Application Penetration Testing is a multi-phase, comprehensive assessment of the security of your mobile app that provides a point-in-time evaluation to see if there’s a susceptibility to a breach or data leak through an attack.

Network Penetration Test

Frontline Pen Test is an internal and/or external network penetration test performed by trained and certified security analysts using industry best practices.

PCI DSS Penetration Test

Digital Defense’s PCI DSS pen test service includes segmentation testing, the perimeter of your cardholder data environment (CDE), and any systems that impact the security of the CDE.

Red Team Penetration Test

Digital Defense collaborates with your team to create scenarios that follow current real-world threats. This multi-disciplinary, tailored approach enables our Red Team to accurately test for technical and organizational vulnerabilities and deliver actionable recommendations to mitigate security gaps.

Web Application Penetration Test

 Web application penetration testing assesses the architecture, design, and configuration of web applications; including application authentication, session management, cross site forgery and scripting, and injection attacks.

Wireless Network Penetration Test

Digital Defense Security Analysts test vulnerabilities in your corporate Wi-Fi deployment, searching for rogue access points, cracked pre-shared keys, spoofed MAC addresses, and many other malicious hacker tactics.

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