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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Business solutions have become increasingly dependent on mobile applications to stay relevant. Frequently, these mobile applications deal with sensitive data, which may be at risk due to a lack of proper security in development or configuration.

Digital Defense offers Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT), a key component to any modern cybersecurity program for organizations that use or develop mobile applications.

MAPT is performed by trained security analysts and utilizes industry best practice test methodologies to efficiently identify vulnerabilities and determine if they are exploitable. Armed with this insight, organizations can remediate these weaknesses before they are exploited.

MAPT uses a multi-phased process that provides a point-in-time evaluation of breach - or data-leak susceptibility.

Phases include:

  • Planning - Project is scoped and methodologies determined.
  • Testing - Cryptographic analysis, code analysis, and local application protection analysis.
  • Reporting - Briefing to share detailed results and recommended mitigations.


See the Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT) Datasheet

Physical Site Review

Securing networks and systems is not the only critical aspect of security for organizations. Comprehensive physical security is also imperative.

If an adversary can gain physical access to a network or system, they can gain access to all information and/or data on the networks or systems with little or no technical knowledge required.

During a physical site examination, Digital Defense looks for weaknesses across physical security mechanisms including:

  • Interior and exterior CCTV coverage
  • Internal and external entrance controls
  • Door locks and enhanced security system assessment
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Server room access and disaster protection controls
  • Assessment of possible IT vulnerabilities

Additionally, our “after hours” physical security sweep measures employee adherence to:

  • “Clean desk” policies
  • Appropriate disposal of sensitive data
  • Workstation locking
  • Password safekeeping

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