How Do You Help Your IT Team Stay Ahead of Threats?

By Fortra's Digital Defense

How Do You Help Your IT Team Stay Ahead of Threats?

In the midst of the Great Resignation, having robust and complete cybersecurity measures in place isn’t always possible due to limited internal IT resources. With 70% of IT teams currently having open positions, how can you help your team work smarter and avoid burnout while keeping your company secure?  Implement an offensive security program

Time to Hire

53% of organizations report it takes 3-6 months to fill an open position

Retaining Staff

Retaining Staff%22 Back %2260% of organizations report having difficulty retaining talent

Increased Attacks

43% of organizations report experiencing more cyberattacks in 2021 compared to 2020

Lack of Time

43% of companies say time is the biggest obstacle to conducting frequent cyber risk assessments

Lack of Personnel

40% of companies report the lack of personnel as the reason for not conducting frequent cyber risk assessments

Streamlining  Your IT Infrastructure Security With a Less is More Approach

One way you can help your team to take a proactive, offensive approach to cybersecurity is by streamlining the process and making management easier. You know you need vulnerability management, penetration testing, adversary simulations, and more. As you’re assessing solutions and strategies to provide the coverage needed in those areas, one of the best tactics you can implement to maximize your team’s benefit is to consolidate vendors. Having one vendor:

  • Reduces overhead and management 
  • Ensures alignment of strategy and accountability
  • Increases the likelihood of systems interoperability
  • Reduces console fatigue 
  • Reduces costs

The Best IT Defense is a Good Cybersecurity Offense

Reacting to threats when they’re discovered is important, but what are you doing to reduce the attack surface before security weaknesses can be exploited? 

One way you can stay ahead of bad actors is by implementing offensive security solutions that identify and prioritize risk, provide actionable insights, and create an accelerated pathway to remediation. This might include tactics like:

  • Vulnerability scanning and management 
  • Penetration testing
  • Red Teaming
  • Phishing and social engineering testing and training for employees

With an offensive cybersecurity solution in place, you’re helping your company and limited team save time, money, and resources:

  • IBM reports the average cost of a data breach is $4.35 million 
  • The average downtime for organizations after a ransomware attack is 21 days*
  • Recovering from an attack costs up to $8,5000/hour in productivity loss*
  • On average, only 65% of data is recovered after a ransomware attack*
  • Staying ahead of attacks allows your team to accomplish more and best utilize resources vs. using resources to remediate attacks

*Source: The Terrifying Truth about Ransomware


Introducing Offensive Security Bundles


A good defense starts with a smart offense. With any of the bundle packages from Fortra’ Digital Defense and Core Security brands, you’re taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity management and saving your team from headaches, frustrations, and risk. These bundles help your team work more efficiently by providing more complete protection with improved integration and interoperability. Strengthen your security posture by streamlining your process with vendor consolidation of offensive solutions that will help you get ahead of attackers.

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